Suddenly knock on door a voice to ring out

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The sword of various Ge cloud, really quick!
"My dad says that this sword method don't break only and quickly!When I the front-line sword greatly become, absolute ability row ground placard 72 people!"The various Ge cloud self-confidence says.
"Do not break only and quickly?"Teng green mountain but smile.
He different idea this.
Have no what is invincible, infrangible, the sword method arrive extreme achievement quickly, is very terrible, but the body is arrogant to the extreme achievement, your sword stabs on somebody else, the somebody elses didn't hurt, how can win?
The sun just arrived extreme achievement, the Yin was soft to arrive extreme achievement, arrived extreme achievement quickly, defendoofed strong arrived extreme achievement ……
This, the way divides 100001000, each attain ultimate end, all very terrible.
"Which day, I can attain my dad's 10%, that can win a green mountain you, can also maneuver world."Various Ge cloud says.
Flank of various Ge the green Xi say with smile:"Elder brother, you are this temperament, do swords every day shortage all is three hours, also want to catch up a dad?You ask teacher uncle, dad in those early years young time, is to do sword every day, the sleepings were embracing sword to sleep.In those early years but have'the sword was evil'of title.The dad can be much more diligent than you, however also Be getting more strange, the dad on the contrary didn't touch sword, isn't to paint every day now, be play chess, is the dad not worried that the real strenght descends?"
"You understand what, the dad's sword method, that has already arrived unfathomable situation."It has one silk adoration in various Ge cloud eyes.
In the Teng green mountain heart a move.
"Believe in a main various Ge dollar Hong, exactly have much strong?"The Teng green mountain really wants to challenge a various Ge dollar Hong, " however he conceals t deeply and t and deeply, I basically could not feel him to have much strong real strenght!But, small cloud reveals of real strenght, have been enough strong, that believing in of inborn strong lord?"
The real strenght of various Ge cloud, the Teng green mountain only appreciate, but doesn't care.
In the strong the day after tomorrow, it is a nobody to is oneself's opponent to fear, threaten own of, is a terrible inborn strong.
Although really think a challenge, can the Teng green mountain not want to expose the cards in the hand of end, so can endure.
Night, the Teng green mountain is practicing marksmanship in the courtyard.
The long gun changes magically turn a shadow, the speed arrive extreme achievement quickly.
"Inseparable marksmanship, originally in order to collapse boxing Yan to change, is a wood attribute, should living an interest not, this inseparable marksmanship, not only have to be quick, but also have to also have one to living the interest, continuous and never-failing artistic conception is not."The inseparable marksmanship of Teng green mountain , also in the middle of cutting and polishing a research, continuously has a small progress.
Inseparable gun, mix a dollar one air gun, poison Long Zuan Qiang, these three greatest marksmanships, the Teng green mountain gradually raises perfect.
Suddenly knock on door a voice to ring out.
The Teng green mountain accepts a gun but signs and walked over to open the door, the door outside stands one to return a dollar Zong Nan's pupil.
"The Teng green mountain pleases with me and believe in a lord to ask you to go to him that."This pupil says.
"Believe in to mainly see me?"The Teng green mountain is a bit surprised.
"Rightness."This pupil nods.
Although is interrogative, can the Teng green mountain hold a long gun and also followed this pupil to come out a house, toward returning a dollar core religion pupil district to walk.
Various Ge dollar Hong den outside.
The Teng green mountain has already arrived at outside in the door and have unclearly inside the den shining, that male the pupil Gong body way:"Believe in a lord, the Teng green mountain takes."Immediately this male pupil also back next leave.
"Green mountain, you come in."The cool voice is from the den inside spread.
"This various Ge dollar Hong, seek my stem what?Is accepting me a pupil?"The Teng green mountain heart bottom is interrogative, can act up, but nowise unable to decide, directly come forward, pushed away den door.

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