The house is after all the warmest place in heart

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The various Ge dollar Hong smiles to nod:"Not the Jiao isn't irritable, very good!You and cloud son learn by exchanging views and also broke his front-line sword, I am still really a bit shocked.See, your inside strength explosion, already compare at the beginning 100 man long battle out, have to be much stronger, yours 《Mang cow devote major efforts Jue 》 self-discipline arrive which layer?"
"8 F."The Teng green mountain says.
Teng green mountain certainly the 9 F completely do, just limit because of blood vessels, Teng green mountain depend inside strength in a twinkling break out dint, the probably equal to body strength is 50,000 catties of or so.
However, the Teng green mountain doesn't dare to tell a various Ge dollar Hong.
If say the 9 Fs have been already all done, that is unequal to say own strange through eight vein complete?
"H'm, strange through eight veins almost whole, should leave a Du two vein toll - gates didn't break through ……see, you the fortuitous wased not small in those early years."Various Ge dollar Hong great way.Depend on oneself to break through so many blood vesselses, and still want at 17 years old this, the root is impossible.
"You can attain 8 F and match with your marksmanship, on these nine state the earths, you have the real strenght the row at least 《 Qian Long Bang 》!"Various Ge dollar Hong great way, " however you don't be also proud, although your marksmanship is severe, can see appearance, you have never learned marksmanship foundation."
Say, the various Ge dollar Hong throws the book in the hand toward the Teng green mountain, the Teng green mountain astoundedly answered, bent over to look below and there are four words on this books bound by stitches book'very hot fire gun Jue'.
"This very hot fire gun Jue adds up to 99811 to recruit, each the Mi book that recruits a strength inside the match to display, also is regarded as quite good person class, you study this foundation marksmanship well.Believe, to your own marksmanship realization, there is also advantage."The various Ge dollar Hong says with smile.
The Teng green mountain is dark pleased.
Oneself's marksmanship is since then completely five lines of boxing Yans to become, the marksmanship of this world, he pours is a recruit have never learned.
"Xie Zong Zu."The Teng green mountain connects a way.
"Like, very good self-discipline, after, you ability the row 《Qian Long Bang 》or 《 ground placard 》 is also the face that I return a dollar religion!"The various Ge dollar Hong says with smile, " to, in a couple of days, you that camp person's horse will go to plentiful city of China to garrison the gold mine that I return a dollar religion, you have preparation first ……and, that China plentiful city, being apart from you proper city in the old house isn't far, there is opportunity, you also by the way return to and see."

Chapter 21 went into evil
"H'm, you back bottom."Various Ge dollar the Hong is thin to smile an order of way.
"BE, believe in a lord."
The Teng green mountain just a little owes a body and quietly came out den later on, just den, the door then and automatically closed.
"H'm?Separate empty close door?Skill in"the Teng green mountain surprise glimpses door, ", I can not do it, inborn strong, really extraordinary."Although the Teng green mountain owns astonishing huge dint, can this great power, is can not separate empty have what function.
Immediately the Teng green mountain no longer thinks more, he at the moment heart in full is happy.
"Finally can go home!"Some excitements in the Teng green mountain heart, the previous incarnation has no parents, now then a life time is in Chuang in the Teng house so several years, the Teng green mountain really loves dearly that warm house.Only leave home more than two months, at the thought of can go home, Teng green mountain some concussion.
The house is after all the warmest place in heart.
Pushed away a hospital door, the Teng green mountain saw toward the house of cousin Teng green tiger, deeply wear on the window shining:"Has not the cousin slept?"Think the Teng green mountain then walks over there and knocked to knock on door:"The cousin is me!"
"Green mountain comes in."The Teng green tiger connects a way.
Push away door, the Teng green mountain discovers a cousin positive head of sweat continuously to walk in the house exquisite step, the Teng green mountain smiles a great way:"The cousin, this step, is 《 limits of the earth goes 》the foundation of light achievement, have to do a heart and step to arrive, like easy style of writing, this is light achievement just have on the whole."
《The limits of the earth goes 》 is light achievement totally is divided into 3 F, but second floor and the 3 F is all what inborn is strong just can cultivate.
Teng green mountain at present also just first floor.

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