Inside in the courtyard of Teng green mountain

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Inside in the courtyard of Teng green mountain.
"Elder brother, you must definitely win this time."The green miss joyfully shouts in the courtyard.
"I see, still have to lose!"Teng green tiger but satisfied say with smile.
In the courtyard at the moment, Teng green mountain and little Zong Zhu'various Ge cloud'BE learning by exchanging views, various Ge cloud the whole individual change magically unreal image, surround a Teng green mountain to very and soon move, but Teng green mountain is at one Zhang the small range inside the scope move.The list hand holds a gun and holds up the benefit sword of various Ge cloud such as the fast thunder sort every time.
The bumping of long gun and benefit sword shot voice is very intensive.
"Well quick of sword."The Teng green mountain inwardly marvels, " is pure to talk about a quick a sword, should be return young one generation of a dollar religion in one person.And, small cloud his speed, comparable to the extreme limit speed that I break out all body strength."The body of Teng green mountain is rated as monster, even if don't display limits of the earth to go, pure body extreme limit speed, have been very terrible.
Can think from here, various Ge cloud speed is how astonishing.
"Ha ha ……small cloud, your lightning flash is nine swords, really is quick like lightning flash, continuous not unique, with your step, match of perfect, regrettable, is the marksmanship that can not break me, you move speed again quickly, how comparable to my gun speed?If"Teng green mountain simultaneously resists, return part cachinnation wear, " has never cut off to recruit, today, you still need to lose!"
These were secretly already various Ge cloud and Teng green mountain to exchange blows for the third time.
Front two, every time loses, can lose once each time, this various Ge cloud comes to all have a progress next time, regrettable, Teng green mountain of'mix a dollar a spirit'marksmanship defense, be rated as tortoise-shell.
Various Ge cloud very and soon retreats and formally looking at a Teng green mountain:"Teng eldest brother, and you the front twice exchange blows, let I this'lightning flash nine swords'can greatly become, I the these half month is also learning'front-line sword'.This front-line sword, is that I return a dollar Zong Jian Fa in, extremely first-class sword method, I also just know some skin, however, you must were careful!"
Green optoelectronics sword the Jue and lightning flash is nine swords, front-line swords, this passes into.
Lightning flash nine swords greatly become, then can study front-line sword.
"?"Teng green mountain eyes a bright.
"You don't make me disappoint."Teng green mountain Xu power in order to wait for.
The various Ge cloud hand holds three Chinese foot green Feng sword, the vehemence coagulates.
Various Ge cloud look in the eyes is abrupt however relentless gets up, three Chinese foot lances in the hand disappeared without basis, and Teng green mountain saw together green light in the front shooting.
Only have this together green light!
"Bomb!"The Teng green mountain body strength moment breaks out and grows a gun to also change into an unreal image in the hand!
Long gun directly the earthquake fly green Feng sword, and then on various Ge cloud chest inching a tremble.
The green Feng sword is malicious to throw to fly to distance, hit on the wall, make wall fiercely one earthquake, appear small crack, but various Ge cloud I drive once this long gun tremble, the great power makes his whole individuals all fly and falls in later on, the Teng green mountain in the right dint controls very ingenious, this various Ge cloud didn't the slightest harm.
"Just of sword, well quick."The Teng green mountain is dark surprised, " I just body strength, the moment explosion attains many 20%!"
The sword of various Ge cloud is a together green light!
Being quick to arrive a Teng green mountain has to use 20% strength, so as to let grow the gun speed keep up with sword quickly.
"Elder brother, you lost again."The green miss smiled.

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