Once what is up taking place, they will quickly rush out

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He was divided into dragon 30 groups, Long Ya's group, mainly be responsible for combat.Equal to battle department.Longan group is responsible for an information to collect and processes.Equal to intelligence office.However make them handle an information like this to make it lively for very much, the leaf autumn took out to adjust some elite personages to lend support to again them to do a work like this.Long Zhao's group is responsible for direct to be mainly on duty.It is like Ji's check section.
And the number of dragon also enlarged more than 200 persons.More than 200 remarkable talent persons make people feel heart palpitates.
If let these more than 200 numbers boundary Human bodies in the sky wear unified western dress, grain tie, wear black super glasses, be alongside of to walk down the avenue, that kind of is the condition a power and prestige how?
However the leaf autumn also has no much face west door to east explanation dragon of problem, for they these common run of people to say, know of more little more good.
"They are the common run of people, oneself is what big wave Hun" leaf the autumn suddenly think a way.
The person of the half?Half demon?Freak?
Three wells blaze the place of inviting the talks is in the peninsula hotel 23 combine burning take of where be company's regiment lived.If what matter son, Hong Kong government can not take off a relation.
The autumn of the leaf since promises three combine burning meeting, the nature can't not do some son to take precautions against.Didn't take west door to east the elite of the arrangement, also didn't choose the member of thunderbolt squad.The affair that he wants to do is very complex, if lets these ginsengs that take to have a soldier the property with two affair revelations influence very not good.
So, he took his own old partner, Long Nyu and small white.
But the Switzerland's old soldier then take tooth powder dragon to visit a person to go into peninsula hotel, if appear what problem, they can momentary arrive to the spot rescue.
Certainly, Long Ya is entering previous forerunner in the hotel to once go some kind of image packings.Otherwise, the hotel is very likely to report to the police and says to discover like the terrorist's person.
Embark elevator on 19 F in the peninsula hotel, just the Xing walks into hallway, leaf autumn felt great pressure.
They unexpectedly wrapped D the whole floor and stood hallway in of is all three wells burning bring of bodyguard.And, the leaf autumn feels, the room of the hallway both sides inside is also all person whom three wells blaze.
Once what is up taking place, they will quickly rush out.
"How do you do.I am Suzuki.Three wells blaze the servant of young master" the middle age towarded a leaf to stretch out a hand for autumn.

Volume 3 starts to stand back to be a person chapter 671 poison
"Or, call your frogman more suitable?"The autumn of the leaf smiles to shake hands with Suzuki.He where already got three wells from the silver eye burning come to superior's data taken by harbor this time.Among them, point introduction of have this nom de guerre for, Suzuki, of male assistant.
"The name is just a code.Doesn't Mr. Ye feel?"The Suzuki has no because leaf on the spot exposing of the autumn but angry, the noodles has no facial expression ground say.

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