When the time comes, Japan the government is forced to pressure

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If they want to find out who was responsible, it gives Japan person's little bit teach"can also comprehend."
"I already and other of several big remarkable talent organization contact, will unite to Japan the government exert pressure.
When the time comes, Japan the government is forced to pressure.Also can abandon three wells to blaze this pawn.Or, is three combine household have to abandon three wells burning."
"Originally you early have been already planned."Long Nyu lightly says with a smile.
"Man, always want aer little bit more than what woman thought two"
"The man like this can give the woman the sense of security.Sometimes want, do to have peace of mind comfort of, the my daughter person is also a quite good choice."
"If let you of the follower hear this kind of words, they don't want to bump wall with the head can not."
"Can the Buddha not have his/her own private life?Say again, and then have how many persons would like to become be provided of absolute being Buddha?"
The autumn of the leaf smiled.Wish, Long Nyu's returning is really an unqualified absolute being Buddha.Wine, color, kill and still had wager to almost involve, all make people doubt, he was to don't depend to get in by the back door to fix spirit tablet.
"What?Do three wells blaze to send a person to deliver formal invitation?"Leaf autumn one face is surprised.Connect to sit also start changing in eastward facial expression in the western door of his opposite of ponder.
Yes.He says so."Stand the western door household servant in front of them to say.
Politely pass a formal invitation.
The autumn of the leaf after connecting come over to sweep one eye passes a door to the west to the east, say, "you see.They is what this played that drama?"
The formal invitation that finish seeing a hand an inside toward the east in the door of the west, then cast away its tea to say, the line makes people be getting more strange.The originally absolutely irreconcilable enemy is a vexed Xie basket handshake speech and, carry on amity of dine together.It is still really unacceptable.Is Yan in the Hong door three can this is also t funny?Both parties are hostile to relate to."My pouring is to guess to some reason.But, not know three to combine burning how dissolve an at present crisis."Ye Qiu knows that three well burning recent day very not lead.
He and several other big remarkable talent organizations made a contact, the national Ministry of Foreign Affairs of their place together to Japan the government start to associately shine on to match.Is scathing to condemn Japan person on what the boundary general assembly in sky plays is not only"
Colourful role, and request to severely punish a murderer three to combine to blaze.
Japan the person is forced to pressure, another time to pass country lord the son request support.But, their hopes ended up in nothing this time.
Because American military authority just at because their remarkable talent troops sea vulture the loss miserably weigh but break into a furious rage, do they seek to come on their own initiative this time and not just owe to take out?
Say again, Japan the person is insolently ambitious, unexpectedly conceal such a frightened big scheme, make the American not pleased naturally.They need Japan of the development can not control Japan to making Jie China, but doing not hope to see appear 1 as well.
Lost the foreign help of this strong Xiao dint in the United States, Japan the person has no many Nus of way solution other nation, can push the responsibility to three well households.Request them the apology behavior for doing to have a sincerity.
Three combine the household will kick the ball to three to open naturally burning here.After all, he is directly this matter the one who shake Zong.The affair exposed, they were accountable.
However let leaf curious for autumn BE, three wells are burning will choose argument with oneself and, still keep preparing to let go one Bo, kill oneself?
The autumn of the leaf has already prepared feeling, they will choose the former.
"Is the leaf little, don't return them?"The west door asks a way to the east.
Tell them, I invite to participate."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
West door to east although strange leaf autumn why will would like to take a risk, , is still that the order servant shine on order of leaf autumn to do.

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