If you make him feel the value that you don't exist

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"Certainly."Leaf autumn the very smelly fart ground say.I pimping time, know to will definitely come on this day.Now, indeed as expected not I anticipate."
"BE?Did you when learn to predict Shu?"
"Early meeting.However, this just aims at a general affair but talks.Some affairs, I could not predict."
"Like, you the evening will can't kick out from your room me."The autumn of the leaf smilingly says.The Yin of one face is mean.

Volume 3 stands is person's chapter 670 since the back three wells blaze of crisis
Intense emotion later on, the leaf autumn takes to a pajama to throw on for Long Nyu.Then 2 people walk to drink a red wine in the rattan chair of veranda.
In a row several times of Han war, the body has been tired, but the spirit is very stimulated.Joy of having narrow escape from death, really than won lottery ticket big prize to make people hard more to go into sleep.
"Dragon belongs to your own organization.After, you were the person who had power and influenced most most .And Gao Gao is in the top of second especially orchid Di the Si is similar."Long Nyu picks up leaf the autumn passes over here of wine cup, say.
"Yes.Does this calculate to not and at last benefit from adversity?"The autumn of the leaf says with a smile two" waits until a number to come together well-found after, I go to and second especially the orchid Di Si negotiation.If they don't let out the Di promise of Chris, I open hostilities with them."
"Say of pour is Hao feeling is ten thousand Zhangs.The d is small gram of is second orchid big wave the point of the Si take care of person especially, even if you don't go, she also can't what is up."
"H'm.For making up our loss, they want to think a way to cure very small white for me."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
Long Nyu Lian's smiling face solidified and carefully tasted the red wine in the cup, once in a very long while didn't talk.
"The body of small white has been making you deeply concerned at heart?"Yes.I break my neck.But still don't find out a problem-solving counterplan."The autumn of the leaf distresses of say.
"You can have this heart, also good.Don't say the complexity of her condition first, the list is her mental state a, she can hardly also accept your arrangement.I see the ground come out, he satisfies the life in nowadays very much."
"I know.He wants to do and chases sword.A sword for killing people.But after, I don't need a sword like this, .If want to kill people, will have a dragon to carry out for me.Even, I can also begin by myself.Let a female kid be this kind of affair, this is unfair to him."
"The autumn of the leaf, you are still again a little bit careful.…The temperament of small white I am understand, you are also understand.
If you make him feel the value that you don't exist, he will silently leave.But be like I like this of choice""become your woman.Obviously, he hasn't worked well mental preparation."Long Nyu's Mou son is flickering the autumn becoming bright, looking at a leaf to say in the dark night.
"It is alas.I am understand.So hasn't been daring to put forward.The etc. sees again.I hope that he can be a normal person two have his own life and feelings.Together with isn't sink of shadow."The son non- fish, does Anne know the joy of fish?Calculate, we not were discussing this topic first.You ready to how to deal with three wells burning?"
The leaf autumn wry smile wears to shake head and says, "this guy is like a hedgehog, also really make people have no from start.If he at Japan of words, nearby will have large numbers of superior's protections.We want to assassinate him, is also a very and not easy affair.But, now he is in Hong Kong, I can not even move him."
"Worry political pressure?"Long Nyu clearly says.Although she hardly interferes with the human life everyday business,she still understands to the state of the nation of China country some.

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