He doesn't fear ache, but he is frightened to hurt

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The hand of the Di promise of Chris is played by the wrist of leaf autumn to open, all nudities come out of skin up, leak out fresh and red and fresh and red blood through a whole body pore although two that bloods are small, but whole body of the pore ze blood together, very quick of, leaf autumn, became one bloody.
There is blood run off on his face, too, the whole face seems to be Zheng Ning terror.
The autumn of the leaf."The Di promise scream way of Chris.
One leaf the autumn open widely mouth Si to roar, inside the body such as ascend an old gentleman t much of three flavor the true fire is tempering.Imitate a Buddha to loudly yell, can give° this hot air to excrete to come out.
The Di promise of Chris discovers more surprisedly, the body form of leaf autumn starts emitting white smoke, is like a body up already burn generally.But leaf autumn that bushy good-looking eyebrow become first Huang, then a burst of breeze come and then turn completed ash, the dissipation is in the air two hot!
Is terribly hot!
The autumn of the leaf needs to be vented!
This time, no longer know if he can also keep awake.
His hands clench fist, one punch to nearby of the Chris Di promise flick.
But beat a half of time, he saw pure Chris to fall the face woman of promise misgiving.
Don't beat a woman.
The leaf once turns round autumn and roared loud to hurtle toward just opposite thousand leaf Xunses past.
That iron boxing carries secretly the dint of thousand Juns, a go toward the dynasty that didn't return thousand leaf Xuns' chests to beat.
Thousand leaf Xuns just started also drive reaction of leaf autumn to make a ground of appearance that the Di promise of Chris is rattled of being puzzling, then seeing, had some to gloat over the disaster of others again.
"It is what a suck.Not is want to help him?Stew in one's own juice two, see leaf's mental disorder for autumn of run to come over to himself or herself, he still has the heart of some slight.
The time that is awake isn't all own opponent, under the circumstance like this, he is there also chase him be return to matter son?
Also the thousand leaf Xuns list hand clenches fist and shouts at top of voice and prepares to knock down a leaf by fighting force with force ground for autumn.He knows that the groundwork of this guy not equal to oneself dozen the ground is firm.
2 people's fist like forty bumps shot together, if thousand leaf Xuns' bodies the arrows sort that leaves Xian poured to fly to go out.

Volume 3 starts to stand back to be person chapter 622 breakthrough:Four heavy strengths(next)
Thousand leaf Xuns' bodies heavily dash to the ground.If isn't feeling of impending crisis of the oneself to make him hold tight a ground in time convex since of rock, he has already rolled an edge now underneath to go.
Hand pain.Backache.The whole bodies all sorely imitate Buddhas to all want to lose consciousness.
He doesn't fear ache, but he is frightened to hurt.
Because always no one can hurt him behind, this still keeps getting hurt for the first time.
Head unexpectedly one blank.Probably because the thing of consideration is t many, it on the contrary lets the head mentally dense get up.Now, who know?
What is the row?It still far and far isn't own opponent while just exchanging blows.Now how suddenly did the strength increase several?
Is this the strength that takes a gold blood empress and increase to hold?Words like that.The function of gold blood also t terror?
Think in selfishness, even if put together two greatest households to break off, it is past to also arrange somehow secretly blood of touching the Di promise of some Chris.
And thousand leaf Xuns feel leaf for autumn this one punch is a bit peculiar.

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