If the words burned, the fire extinguisher is useful not

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The Di promise of Chris stretched hand to put on a wound of finger, that blood then no longer flowed Chang.From start Gu eventually, her bloods have never wasted 1 drop.
How to feel?"The Di promise of Chris looking at a leaf to ask a way for autumn.Have an expectant facial expression on the face.
If she knows that if Long Nyu doesn't solve a ghost shadow to rush through to come over quickly, unless oneself makes moves in person, otherwise, the leaf autumn is certain to die two but, oneself once making moves of words, will cause thoroughly breaking off of the two greatest householdses.This is also the affair that the Di promise of Chris would not like to see.
The only expectation is leaf autumn to drink this gold blood empress to again promote.Even if can cure like his internal injury, also many win victory for several cents of opportunity.
The autumn of the leaf was small and soft to realize some kind of, say"have a little son heat."
Yes, this blood absolutely and the miracle drug wonder drug of novel about swordsmen inside, after once drinking, an Ai flows then to flee upward from the belly pubic region, then pass Be flowed whole body by the friend vein x blood.
Ai ocean ocean of body of, could not say ground at ease.
What to more have a strange effect BE, the younger brother younger brother of leaf autumn didn't know to when raise.
Don't Japan and cinematically urge feeling, have no chemisette naked temptation, even this a moment, brain of leaf autumn in don't basically and never once think the son of the men and women's breaks matter son …"but it so hard suppress of raise, like the steel gun iron pillar, strong and tough and matchless.
Say, does this blood still have the function to restore virility to strengthen sun?
If the research comes out this the composition of the blood be used as the words of anti-impotence drug, absolutely more effective than elder brother Wei …, "the world have count 1,000,000,000 men, is that the how huge market?
"Is only such?"The in the mind of the Di promise of Chris how much some regret.The expectation is more high, disappoint also more dog.
Still keep saying, did the household give the apotheosis the effect of gold blood?
BE."…Seem to be more and more hot."The autumn of the leaf in astonishment says.
He discovers that in this short in a short time, that heat wave Jing however temperature that flows to flee in the body are turned over more high, be like want interiorly a Ran chain is a ~is this the son what is the row?Did her blood and own blood produce a certain and miraculous chemical reaction?
If the words burned, the fire extinguisher is useful not?
The autumn of the leaf lowers the head to took a look, the in the mind sighs to shake head.This time really need to die settle.
"Is more and more hot?"The Di promise of Chris buttons up a leaf for autumn of wrist, the finger feels vein Bo of leaf autumn and says:E , The vein is like wildly dry.Is this the son what is the row?"What is the row son?Don't you know?"The autumn of the leaf is worried ground of to ask a way.That is hot to flow already start bright person, his body is photogenic is have high fever generally.
"May be normal to respond."The Di promise of Chris uncertainly says.
"Is normal to respond?"The autumn of the leaf stares big eyes.Looking at the Di promise of Chris to ask a way:Is you all cook to so come over at ordinary times?"I don't have this kind of strange phenomenon two" Chris forgives a promise to say.
"Your chat can tell a limit to fall?I think that this didn't stretch the private's opponent more than me in the world?Helplessly looking at the opponent that will soon duel is promoting real strenght but unconcerned."The hasty Tai in autumn that thousand leaf Xuns are cold to see a leaf, a face smiles idea ground to say.
"Etc.."Order the inside Si Di promise to say.She wanted to make a clear leaf an autumn to exactly take place what matter.
"The Di promise of Chris, you don't feel, you already at interfere with our affairs?At the beginning of three dog households order treaty with each other don't you know?"Thousand attitude of leaf Xuns to the Di promise of Chris were Don't mention it also some.
Together is three greatly decide the posterity of household, he also has no the necessity shows before other human face weak.
"What about condition of the injury?Does the some effect also have no?"The Di promise of Chris is a bit worried.Originally want to help a leaf for autumn, but have never thought her will give° the affair to make ground mess more.
See a leaf autumn now a very urgent fire Liao, be all like and be burned all over painful facial expression.
The Di promise of Chris is a bit displeased.Morely then deeply regret.

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