Profoundly saw a leaf an autumn is one eye, then bit open own finger

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Spreading in nose of leaf autumn is a burst of if have if the fragrance for having no, that kind of the flavor is very special, any flower and spices all have never had.
Looking at the Di promise of Chris fine have no the small face of , leaf autumn one face is vacant, don't know that she wants to send what gift to she.
The Di promise of Chris stands quietly, very long, just be like next settled decision.
Profoundly saw a leaf an autumn is one eye, then bit open own finger.
The uncanny affair appeared.
The blood in gold yellow quickly collects in the finger tip and fills the air a strange aroma in air.
Don't wait blood drop to fall ground up, the Di promise of Chris already bleed of the finger fill into a mouth of leaf autumn inside.
"Drink."The Di promise of Chris says.Have no the gentleness that didn't have before being euphonic.And, seem to there is also one silk feelings in that language.

Volume 3 starts to stand back to be person chapter 621 breakthrough:Four heavy strengths(medium)
See a leaf for autumn be just looking at himself/herself with stagnant look, allow the wound of finger to go toward to bleed in mouth on one's own initiative, even connect swallow of action all have no.The blood in gold yellow returns a run off corner of mouth and gives the person very uncanny felling.
Drink."The Di promise of Chris is wrinkly to knit the brows, say.
The blood in gold yellow?
Relevant second especially are orchid Di the rumours of the Si true?
In the generation each time, will have one personal heredity gold Hong the vein.This person will obtain uncommon achievement.
And, there is no quarrel of, this person will be second orchid Di especially the host of the Si.
"So highly respectable blood, how does she want to render up himself/herself?"Head one of leaf autumn blank, he drive the Di promise of Chris suddenly action to make blurred.
I drank her blood"ratio hereafter how do?"The autumn of the leaf has some to worry again.Can't become what monster?
The color of blood looks Huang Cheng Suo, with grate a ground of gold powder.But drink in the mouth, still keep letting to have already grown a weird felling in public.
There is a subtle fragrance of kind, this kind of aroma and just the Di promise of Chris close to of very alike.
Just a little bit more elegantly simple that time, now stronger.
Hear blaming and scolding of the Di promise of Chris voice, leaf autumn this just waked up with a start two making an effort of greedses to absorb two people from own imagination, that beautiful and sweet blood then flowing of the Gu Dong Gu Dong into his two this feelings in the belly this view see in thousand leaf Xuns' eyeses, but is frightened to disgrace.
"Gold blood.Are you getting more crazy?"Thousand leaf Xuns stare big eyes to looking at this act and rude in behavior of call a way.
He knows that the gold blood is second the inheritance of the orchid Di most precious Si is especially.Anyone will die to have no burial ground to want to beat its idea.
Besides, can the body has the person of gold blood, how be again probably easily solved?
And, for guarding a taking of household gold blood body, second especially the orchid Di Si household will send the four greatest absolute beings of household to make a personal protection.This is also the Di promise of Chris after death have been following the reason of four super bodyguards.
This is my decision.And had to grow crazy don't relate to."The Di promise of Chris swept thousand leaf Xuns' one eyes and coolly said.
There is some distortions in thousand leaf Xuns' faces, cold say with a smile:"Do you think so and then can can save him?Even if he drank this gold blood again how?Can again break in this short short time?"
These have nothing to do with me."The Di promise of Chris says.
Thousand leaf Xuns looking at the mouth that the Di promise of Chris stretches delicately pure small finger into leaf autumn inside, that, man one face infatuates with to suck up of appearance, the in the mind didn't don't envy two what he drank isn't an expensive beverage, isn't the red wine of French Boer diagram, wine Chuang, but second especially the orchid Di Si consider as a baby similar guard of gold blood.
If the words that is possible, he wants up to drink severals.
BE not his a person either to there is viewpoint like this, past thousand leaf household and Long Jia for the sake of Huo Yu their gold blood, also ever sent an inside's second to none youth of a household go to second especially the orchid Di Si came with a marriage proposal.
But what to have no an accident BE, be all refused for two cents.

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