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"Do I how haven't listenned to the person once speaking of?"The in the mind of clear Hao tiny idea for having some Nus, again the compulsive sex ground suppresses.Li Zhen, Xue Ling pointing at after death, traverse thin three femaleses to say:"Do they get along with your morning and night and haven't known the business that you had boyfriend as well?"
"His work is busy, seldom come-"
"Being blue can heart."The clear Hao overbearingly interrupts blue can the explanation of heart, say:"If you really have boyfriend, make a phone call to make him come over, isn't this the best proof?If the words had no, do you why the need for always have this kind of to inferiorly lend to come to turn me down again?"
Being blue can the heart don't extremely is hesitant, don't know is not is should make a telephone call for autumn for leaf.
Ran winter night ground the singing suddenly ring out, blue can the heart stretch hand after groping for in pack, taking out a cellular phone to see the call number that the top shows, don't know what is the row son, tears a while tears overflow.
From extreme of lose very satisfied satisfy, blue can the heart in the mind contain the felling that the kind flies into high in the clouds from the hell.But this felling is only what a telephone of leaf autumn brings her.
Her have easy request, she also numerous time of once said to she, don't be so many, want ~only a little.Oneself is to like his, have no reason ground to like.Like incurable.
Meet drum foot from the first time probably courage to let
Opportunity, oneself's this whole life opportunity controled in his hand., Can not succeed in escaping.
He didn't forget his own birthday, this enough.
"Feed, leaf autumn?"Being blue can the tears is flowing on ground of heart face, voice but was full of joy.
This shape lets the station mow in the clear Hao heart of in front,such as knife, .It is those three women to ruthlessly sweep one eye, they are three look in the eyeses that lower the head to avoid being seen him in succession.Is them the oath solemnly pledged ground say blue can the heart don't have boyfriend of.
Also definite have no, that woman ground boyfriend does the all on bed terms woman contact?
"Can heart, where are you now?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
"I am in the crystal temple.Where are you ?"Being blue can the heart nervously ask a way.
"Crystal temple?Like, see ten minutes later."The autumn of the leaf says.Wish, how did she run to the crystal temple?
"H'm.I go to down stairs and connect bottom."Being blue can the heart grasp to begin machine, hastily run toward the down stairs.All forgetting should courtesy ground and clear Hao still three of her rommates say "hello".
"Come in."The clear Hao dark wears a face to walk to the sand of reserved box to sit in seat of honor bottom, tear apart a bottle of beer Gu Dong Gu Dong ground to infuse.
Li Zhen, Xue Ling, traverse thin three sisterses to walk to the clear Hao in front towards seeing one eye, all one.Don't dare to sit down as well, none of atmospheres dares.
"You not is say that she doesn't have boyfriend?How to leap out 1 now?"Clear Hao ruthlessly) three women's one eye, the voice icy coldly asks a way.
"Really have no.Elder brother Hao, I have never seen have man to seek her.Don't also hear her making a phone call for man."Li Zhen gingerly defends to say.
"Yes.Look for person to dress up as?Is very popular ground of on the television-"traverse a thin small voice to say.
"To.We which dare to cheat elder brother Hao.Didn't you also look for person to once investigate?We didn't tell a lie."
The view of clear Hao at three women face up after sweeping 1 time, the face of cold Ao suddenly blooms to softly smile an idea, claps the sand of clapping the flank and says:"All sit, Wang Zheng the foolish meeting son came over.Being sorry is refused so, I was t suppress.You know not to know leaf for autumn is what person?"
Traverse thin wanted to think, say:"This name seems to be some to acquaint with.But have never seen."
"School that knocks down troops to train military instructor ground the guy is to call a leaf autumn?However he seemed to leave a school."Li Zhen Wai the head think a way.
The clear Hao is the owner whom the school does a business enterprise, and the student of water wood university make contact with still pretty and much.The time in military training he once heard to have such a student as well, give°ed the military instructor stem to pour.Mainly was this matter to at the beginning and t cause a sensation, everybody discussed subterranean heat fire dynasty sky.
Because time separates ground t long, the clear Hao is occupied in his/her own business ground to expand, don't more pay attention to to the this campus romantic person.Listen to them lifting and just thinking of really and having so one personal thing now.

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