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"It certainly is you."Is clear Hao skin Mou the deep feeling ground looking at blue can the heart say.
Eye in this kind of look in the eyes under, blue can the heart didn't hestitate a ground of choice to push away a reserved box door she want to hurriedly run away, don't give him the opportunity to turn on electricity indiscriminately.
Being blue can the heart is stunned speechless, the eye pupil stares ground very big.
After death of Li Zhen, Xue Ling, traverse three thin women to see inside ground in reserved box scene, also all send out surprised voice.
The big owner invokes, Zhang Sheng doesn't dare to have a short moment to delay.The telephone that receives a leaf for autumn, just at Zha north the area handle affairs.The Leng is time used half for hour to run back, didn't scold to drive to him less a ground of driver on the road.
From afar of see a leaf stand on water wood university ground center door doorway for autumn, the piece wins and then hurriedly lets the driver parks the car.Grasped the smoke in the pocket to run in the past, the ruler of underground mafia in the Yan city this a moment didn't have the dignity in just a tiny bit past.
Zhang Sheng Ge's head is short small, the height and Lee is about greatly strong.But is such a person,let the whole Yan the city mafia smell breeze extremely frightened.
"The leaf was little, the telephone that receives you on the whole.I am cutting and polishing, press the day that you give an account, should use today up.Can wait for a day, have never received your ground telephone.Still think that you don't come back today.There of the matter do still smoothly?"Zhang Sheng is talking and passing smoke.
"O.K.."The autumn of the leaf puts to say:"Do not smoke.What about gift?"
"On the car.Is the leaf little to want to go over and have a look?"
"Leave."The autumn of the leaf nods.
Zhang Sheng is in advance one-step, run to open his ground to speed after the car car compartment, this just the side lead body to stand by the side of the car door and rendered up space a leaf autumn.
The leaf drills autumn into car to hold a many tall gift box to one person, opens to took a look and says with a smile:"Pain you.Do this matter also pretty and not easily."
Zhang Sheng tooks a look that and hesitates to say:"The leaf is little, send this?Meeting can't t that some?Want to be not, I repair for you again an a little more valuablely gift?"
The autumn of the leaf put to put a hand and said:"Need not.Send this."
Embrace that from the car in drill out, say:"What kind of the gift just calculate valuable?This important cause person but proper.Some women, you send again big of jewelry diamond ring, she can't satisfy, either.The some women are even if the chain son that buys on a string of stall, she will be also obtain what one has wished for a long ti."
Clapped to clap the box that the bosom embraces, said:"This is the romance, you don't understand."
The autumn of the leaf once was also the student of water wood university and once sent as well blue can the heart arrive the bedroom building that she lives down stairs.
So, he didn't make a phone call and directly embraced that to go to bedroom building and sought blue can heart.Arrived bedroom building doorway, but drive guard the aunt of door to block.
Beg so much bad beg, that aunt is to don't let up.Being a regulation system and being a sense of responsibility to say again is a lot of.The autumn of the leaf clipped from money in after pulling an a few China currencies and filling to her, the aunt immediately smiled happily and by hand clapped shoulder of leaf autumn to say:"Alas!, the young man returns be really handle affairs.The bosom embraces is the gift that sends to the girl friend?Go up, the aunt comprehends you these young man.Go up a huge surprise to her.However, the evening is ability not at female the bedroom stay overnight.Want to do what matter to get tight time."
The autumn of the leaf is really in distress situation, no wonder that the person say rich can make ghost push to whet.Several hundred dollars make this aunt is an ice fire to own attitude two heavy sky of.Is previous even enter all don't let into, now all at worry other people of'handle affairs time'not enough use.
Eye in the different taste of the girls under, the leaf autumn runs to blue can the bedroom doorway of heart.Although come for the first time, leaf the autumn have already managed the bedroom of room to distribute in the down stairs diagram up find out blue can the room position of heart.
Let leaf's silly eye for autumn of BE, blue can the heart bedroom is iron general to guard a gate, connect a persons all have no.
Don't give them the surprise, they poured is come to a surprise for they.

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