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Don't think t ho, four girl's sons walk to the living room is partial to hall ground, the sofa sits in seat of honor bottom.This being specialized is a guest to wait for reserved box or rest chat is used.Just sat down, pregnant wore the stewardess of black suit to deliver lemonade.
"Can heart, just the clear Hao sent you to spend how you don't accepted?When wear our noodles brush-off other people, let people more embarrassed."Li Zhen pulls a blue and noble-minded hand and smiles the ground of Ying Ying to say.Pour some meanings for blaming and scolding in tone.
"Yes.White tulip.Cost a lot of."It is looking in all directions Ling Fei to also make a noise to help a chamber way.If they can steep for clear Hao up blue can heart, affirmation will consumedly praise.
"I don't like him again, why want and accept him ground flower?"Being blue can the true feelings sound softly say, but out and away firm."I come to want to say the clear for him, I really had boyfriend."
Li Zhen sees blue can heart so earnest appearance, roared with laughter ground to knead to knead her ground a face, say:"Go, our little beauty.Do we know that you had boyfriend it's all right?The foolish meeting son makes him come over our lo lo.The lo isn't worthy of a look, we different idea."
Being blue can once the heart in the mind move, stretch hand to want to go to touch a cellular phone in bag, late in a short while, again the handle knob takes out back.Leaf's once promising autumn will come back to accompany he or she to lead a birthday, he can't definitely forget.If he didn't come back, must because his work is very busy.
Being blue can heart so comforter oneself.
The clear Hao parked to like a car and stood on hall the center to beckon with the hand to their 4 people.Li Zhen pulls blue can the hand of heart to there walk.
"Leave.I have already ordered to like reserved box."The clear Hao says with a smile.Lead in an attendant under, they walk over there to the reserved box district of the second floors.
The crystal temple is totally divided into 3 F and presents a wreath type design.The first floor side palace is a public district, drink, dance, perform program all of the etc. is here together.All of 2 F and 3 F are reserved box districts, reserved box near the seamy side can pass the program that the window sees the first floor
Time of going upstairs, and a men wipe a shoulder but lead.That young man once turned round to took a look and shouted a way:"Clear Hao.Clear Hao."
Just and with concentration and blue can heart small voice the clear Hao for talking hear someone shout his/her own name and turn head a to see and see is own cousin, Sun Yao Wei, to sit beckon with the hand to him on the step and Be walking over there to him and asking a way:"Cousin, you how also here?"
"Hi, accompany a few friends to have fun here.You how to come this excellent entrepreneur?"Sun Yao Wei's look in the eyes fore noodles the face of a few female kids up sweep around, front three all let she pretty disappoint of, see blue can heart, not from get at present a bright, hug the neck of clear Hao to attach small voice to say by the side of the his ear:"That gallantly what does the female kid call?Pretty there is taste?"
"Cousin, she calls blue can heart, but I want to marry the woman who do the daughter-in-law of going home.You don't beat her idea."The clear Hao knows naturally what kinds of goods oneself, this cousin is, in earnest gives repeated advice to say.
"Hey Hey, I am to ask.Brothers wife, can not deceit.Have already ascended?"The one of Sun Yao Wei smiles to ask a way.
"Have no.Haven't caught up."The clear Hao bitterness says with a smile.
"Make track for what?Is direct to come to hard top bow to overlord.It isn't what your also became you.Wanting don't the elder brother help you 1?"Sun Yao Wei asks a way.
"Need not need not.Myself come."The clear Hao hurriedly refused.
"Go.You go up to have fun.I descend to pick up a friend.To, are you in several number reserved boxes?"
"1126."The clear Hao says.
With after cousin take leave, the clear Hao walks with blue can heart in front, ashamedly say:"My cousin, all day long in this field son and a group of childe's elder brothers mix together.Two Jius how advise all don't return to, became crystal temple one overlord."
Although being selling a cousin the ground is ugly, words in don't have no proud of meaning.
Being blue can the heart allow of no to place to deny of order, but didn't mount words.Pour is traverse thin and secretly turn the figure that the head tooks a look Sun Yao Wei.
"Sir.The reserved box that you settle arrived."The beautiful stewardess stands on the doorway and did a hand type of invitation.
"Thank."The clear Hao point nods, Tao two bill pass to pass by.Attendant way, smile to leave.

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