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"Ha ha, the leaf is little, you stop worrying.You give an account of affair, I which dare to neglect.Where is the leaf little?Do I send over there now?"Spreading Zhang Sheng in words tube is warm and affectionate but takes to have respectfullly and sincerely of voice.This is one can the man of clear fixed position oneself's position.
"H'm.Send to water wood university.I wait you at doorway in the school."The autumn of the leaf says.
The good matter doesn't go out, the bad matter runs apace.The crystal temple is before also nothing but the Yan city that runs neck to neck with sky the human life two big amusement sail mother, mainly what to face is medium upscale the white-collar crowd of income.Is previous although the business is prosperous,can not say, either sky the human life jilt to go out how far.Two competitions of stores are very vigorous.
But after crystal temple was confiscated and sealed affairs influence last year, various rumours of each kind of the relevant crystal temple are spread to city well streets.Said a crystal temple to sell illegal drugs of and have already said that the crystal temple wades Huang of, and someone says the owner of crystal temple is a Gao officer's sons, his Lao Tze because political conflict stands wrong brigade, his field the son is also led long to pull.
Numerous parlance, number not number win.In the public guess, also beat the popularity of ringing the crystal temple.When 6 falls from power, the crystal temple is heavy newly opened, and compares more luxurious before, when the threatening force was also stronger and huge invited invincible popularity a while.
Those persons who originally have a guess to the crystal temple all want personally and come over and see exactly to is a son what is the row, and the items of crystal temple are numerous, management properly, at popularity most high peak in good time and in great quantities recruit a Na member, occupied a Bas lord of entertainment industry in the Yan capital city position a while.Also since this time, the double originally running neck to neck harnessed horse a car to run a front one empress.
On China light beginning, whole black at the end of night.
The silvery BMW of the clear Hao drives crystal temple doorway of time, the promise is big of the parking lot unexpectedly have already stopped full be be of car.Looking at front line up of long dragon at wear car younger brother in the lake of black western dress conductor under orderly and slowly go forward, clear Hao in the mind some envy the popularity of this store.
He also opened hotel in the house in the bachelor's degree street, the main customer was to teach the job the personnel and student.Although the popularity is also quite good,the popularity consumes to belong to medium low file, income is far and far not can and the crystal temple place on equal footing.
", Crystal temple good luxury.
Person really many a lot of car"traverse thin stick face on the car pane to outwardly look about, with excited look the cry writes.
"Xue Ling.Crystal temple ground the stereo set equipments is top-gradely.You sing good to listen.Tonight can well one exhibition song larynx."
"Xi Xi.I don't dare to do wheat Ba.Still letting can heart and clear Hao sing madrigal to.Did the king advertise for to come?"Xue Ling Yi face expectation the ground ask a way.She likes Wang Zheng.These are several bedroom individuals to all know a ground of affair.Just the Wang Zheng woman is t many.Didn't°yet arrival love she.
"Ha ha.He is going to the companies choose song today.May come late somely.If the Ling Ling misses his ground words.Directly beat his ground the telephone urge him."The clear Hao voice clear and brightly says.Once turned again face to blue can the heart say:"Can heart.Want to be not you to get off first in the crystal temple hall to wait me?The this place person is getting tooer many.The possible demand is some time.Came to a ground of time before.Didn't°yet so many people.Now crystal temple ground the consumption is more and more high.Business' pouring is a more and more red fire."
Being blue can the heart ordered to nod.Then led off to push away a car door to walk to go out.The clear Hao gives other three the females beat look in the eyes.They understand ground a smile.Also one by one in order heel go out.
Crystal temple ground the hall is similarly sumptuous.A per person many highland tropic fish fish tank the horizontal Gen is in the center door.Water livings a gold.There is a source of money widely entering meaning.Carves two golden color grounds on the lord wall Ultrasaurus.Two Long Di Long's mouths are in the center 1 to roll over a ground of bead son.

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