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This news to Chen Mo Nong really is surprised t much, two uncles two Shens got married many year-ends to once grow, how can in the news that this time suddenly spreads two Shen pregnants?
Chen Mo Nong and leaf the autumn all can not control feelings ground to contact this passing away of matter and grandpa together towards seeing one eye, .But these two matter sons seem basically have no relation from the surface, concretely have what contact them to also can not remember clearly.
Be feel some not in the right sons.Or is hear the news like this is t suddenly also uncertain.
"The cypress is old, my grandpa knows two Shen in an interesting condition matter?"Chen Mo Nong pensively asks a way.
"Know.How can don't know?Your grandpa only has two sons, the big son is so alyour father, only have you so daughter.Your grandpa are the pole of fancy to you, our old both the elder brothers' discussing the most topic is also all you.But you aren't and fluently after all a daughter's house, there are a lot of matters handing over to you some iniquities to talk.After all, you are two Yes three many cousin's cousins to still beside looking at."
"Two sons are also your two uncles, 2 people hasn't been livinging Yun.Hoped so for several years, suddenly hear good news like this, how can I not tell him?At that time you two Shens didn't know that you is pregnant, should only was that oneself is ill as well, I still the first discovered her in an interesting condition person."
The cypress is old to see Chen Mo Nong's facial expression dignified, the in the mind is surprised, but doesn't excessively consider Chen Jia's business son.
The autumn of the leaf fears that Chen Mo Nong's attitude will arouse a cypress to oldly doubt.The active openings ask a way for her:"The master son hears news like this definitely very happy?"
"Yes.I am what telephone notifies him.Chen Lao smiles ground in the telephone very open.Is regrettable-----Finally still don't wait until so for a day."The cypress old palm strikes table and very heavily sighs a way.
Hear the regret that the cypress is old to repeatedly die to the grandpa feel sorry for, these days of camouflage that keep intentionally of Chen Mo Nong will also break up.Very heavily absorbed to absorb a nose.The station starts to say:"The cypress is old, I still some matters want to do.Don't bother you today.You are sometimes old to take care of health, wait us to come to visit you again."
The cypress is old to stand up, say:"Good.Go to favour your grandpa's business.Always the person who care for the face, make the breeze scene that he walks bare.Still have the leaf small friend, wait until an affair favour over, come over us to inquire into together medical skill."
2 people and cypress the old leave-taking is from the cypress surname medicine store in come out, not only don't get at the beginning desirable answer.On the contrary the head is more heavy.Is original a bit confusion, go in an again be like filled a bowl of paste general.
Is Cao snow piano how can pregnant Yun in this time?But don't Chen Jia's person have some reaction?
"Doing not think is t many.Return to.Leave t long, will make those gossip-mongers in your house say gossip."The autumn of the leaf claps Chen Mo Nong's waist limb to say.Although this action is some close Meis, to positive worry layer after layer Chen Mo Nong but speech, completely have no felling.
Chen Mo Nong arrives at a funeral home and see two Shen Cao snow pianos just at in engaged.Chen Mo Nong canned not control feelings ground to sweep her belly of several eyes and was just pregnant now initial stage, the belly none of little bit is obvious, can not see the business son that she has a pregnancy.
Chen Mo Nong searches two everywhere again uncle but sign of figure, don't see him in the crowd.Will he know the business that he's wife is pregnant?If he knows.With his ground personality, why don't announce to the outsider?
The in the mind has been saving a doubt like this, the person also seems to be in poor fettle.Don't know as well leaf autumn now where, have him at nearby Chen Mo Nong still feel that the enrichment is some.
"The Mo is thick, how was your this kid ?Run about aimlessly everywhere in the outside all day long, they all said many times gossip in my in front, I was lazy to take a reason.Now came back, not was looking in all directions.Your this kid, at ordinary times is all quiet very, this time come back is how?"Chen Mu sees the facial expression that Chen Mo Nong looks in all directions.Some Chens strangely say.
"Mama, home's recent what important event?"
"Important event son?What important event son?The Mo is thick, you exactly some in the favour what?Doesn't your grandpa's business still calculate important event son?"The Chen Mu misgiving ground looking at a daughter to say.
"What I said is relevant two Shens of business son."Chen Mo Nong knows that the mother is worrying what, grasp the mother's hand to her some consolationses.

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