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"She should be just right in the funeral home.Will have many uncleses to come over for these several days, is exactly that she makes greatest efforts expressional of time .How can burst upon here?"Chen Mo Nong pensively says.
" Is this how many days tired Be getting worse, come over to see a doctor?"The leaf autumn language takes irony ground to say.
"Have you ever thought such a possibility?If doctor Bo was also bribed by them.How should we do?They two match each other to match.Our going to isn't to cause undesired agitation?"Chen Mo Nong's look in the eyes stares at the brand of the cypress surname medicine store, one face misgiving the ground say.
"This possibility is biggest.Probably in advance communicate okay.Probably the person comes back to suddenly say corpse check, so make them have the heart of vigilance, just want to buy this time.Be don't know that they talked to have no.If doctor Bo didn't ascend their pirate ships and wanted to check clear rights of the case very easy.If doctor Bo has already been bought by them, we need a fee some Be getting more complicated."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
"Leave.Always need to try."Chen Mo Nong puts the mineral spring in the hand in front of a mendicant that lies on the corner of wall to take a sunbathe, then greatly treads to walk over there to the medicine store.Ye Qiu knows to lift a bottle, the mineral spring visits other people not good, also learned Chen Mo Nong to send water to mendicant.That old man's house towards 2 people's figure to repeatedly make a bow with hands folded in front.
After own identity of the report of Chen Mo Nong, very quick be pleased to inside room.Doctor Bo is a kind old man, wear gray full-length gown, because know way of keeping good health, the hair is still jet black to become bright, the face reading compares actual age to have to be much young.
"Ms. Chen listenned to keeping making you to develop in Yan city.Seldom come back this time, but is with Chen Lao Tian each one square, really make people regret."Doctor Bo's voice desolately says.
"The cypress is old, the grandpa received more your care while was living.Although the grandpa went to, this feeling, our family still keeps on needing to accept."Chen Mo Nong also the facial expression is gloomy.
"Is alas, all of that are that I am as it should bes.I and your grandpa relate to rather and deeply, he first I one step and go, my in the mind isn't pleasurable either.Pushed all invitations that the egress should diagnose for these several days, always quiet rest in the home."Doctor Bo saw an eye a leaf an autumn and asked a way:"Is the small friend Xing Ye?"
"BE exactly."Leaf autumn one face is interrogative, oneself when so famous?
"It is long heard of your great reputation.I Chen Lao's chitchat of time, he is to worship very much to your medical skill, I still begged him to have opportunity to introduce last time me to acquaint with with you.Unexpectedly----Is alas, two all come in to sit."Doctor Bo very heavily sighs a , invitation leaf the autumn and Chen Mo Nong enter a house.
"The cypress is old, the body of master's son is recent how?"The autumn of the leaf and doctor Bo after talking a few medical science problems very natural of give° the topic to lead the pathology of master's son up.
"Just the cold is just.I opened a square son and all had never dared to use a heavy medicine, thought the second day will turn for the better.Unexpectedly but is more serious-----Let me am very strange.But at the beginning as I am diagnosing vein for him, the vein is like very normal.BE had again what the conflict of other diseases?Or said to don't hate?"
"The cypress old meaning is to say, the condition of master's son has no so seriously, should not go so?"The autumn of the leaf cross-examines a way.
Doctor Bo saw leaf's one eye for autumn and shook head to say:"Pathologic condition moment ten thousand turn, this kind of matter son says to prohibit.Having no a doctor can protect certificate of guarantee to say he or she's 100 centses of cent to make like a patient.If dare to tee off this kind of certificate of guarantee of, that can prove that this doctor is an incompetent physician."
"The cypress is old, just I are there two Shens having ever come here?"Chen Mo Nong looking at doctor Bo to ask a way.
"Yes.The forepaw just walked, you empress the feet have been already come right away."Doctor Bo frankly says.
"I am also the car that sees her to open over there, so just ask.Two Shens of ill?"
"Pour is have no indisposition.Just periodically of come to check body.All of the women of pregnancy are like this very careful."Doctor Bo says with a smile.
"Are two Shens pregnant?"Chen Mo Nong asks with surprised look.
"Yes.All two months.Don't you know?It is regrettable.Chen Lao had no to see his/her own grandson to be born and then walk-----"The cypress is another to is old time of to very heavily shake head.

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