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"Do we obstruct her meeting like this to make her say that we harbor evil designs?Is really funny, livinging the chronic illness dead is a common feeling, her books are all read where go to?Does this son none of common sense understand?"
"Yes.If make her do so, does our Chen Jia's man go out to return how to appear in public?Anyway she is to clap a bottom to walk person."
The gossip is everyone and offends, free to Chen Mo Nong to have again good of mental state bear ability, also how much will have some angry.O.K. of is leaf the autumn has been being nearby accompanying him, the seldom direct language of this man comforts a person, but wills be very well timed of transfer a topic to open, or speak an even Chen Mo Nong this kind of have no how much humorous cell ground the joke that the person will can not help smiling.
Whenever at this time.Annoyance of Chen Mo Nong's in the mind meeting a spread and light, be like a silk screen sort to tie up to round at the body around ground the resistance will also in a twinkling break up, she again shining afresh will to fight.
Think of a leaf to say for autumn of that I have already got hurt for you once.Again much once also no harm of words, Chen Mo Nong feels that his/her own heart slightly clenches together.Heart deep place most softly and together the corner be touched, that kind of the taste is very soft, very sour.Can not grasp Long, can not speech.
The corpse of master's son is still sent into a funeral home, funeral home ground several mans who take care of of the staff member and Chen Jia constituted to manage a funeral a group and all respectively shared one partial business.The Fu told to also announce on the newspaper.Master's son is also a presentable person of Su Hang, his dead is also this a period of time Su Hang hot one of the topic of the argument.
Chen Mo Nong seems master's son pass away the most irrelevant person.Don't weep over, have no busy, in addition to everyday lefts for pillar to the hall of working properly of grandpa fragrant, more of time could not see her person.
Italian famous trip house horse in Yuan Dynasty can ·wave Luo praise Su Hang as"the most beautiful beautiful stylish city in the world".Ye Qiu feels Su Hang also really not Ru this, it from inside shining comes out ground that the humanities essence was easy to get along with to invite qualities to be like a pole to sit at him nearby of Chen Mo Nong.
West Lake the road is also one of Su Hang's famous streets, thou the tea store medicine store of the color thou joss-stick one word son the row open and made the whole street all many the decorous feeling of the layer history.
"Doctor Bo is a Su Hang well-known doctor, grandpa not pleased doctor, had while was living what caught a cold to catch a cold is all square son that invited him to open.This time grandpa's cold is also ask him to see, the medicine square is also what he opens.Seek him to ask.Should be able to get some useful things."Chen Mo Nong points at street in front medicine store to say.
"Do we want to go in to ask?"The autumn of the leaf nods to say.Doctor Bo's name he once heard as well, he was the doctor who finally once approached master's son, if really a little bit the words of son true material solid scholarship, shoulding be able to pass a view color and diagnose vein can know master son ground body condition.
"H'm.Front reception of is all his disciple.We are past from the back door."Chen Mo Nong pushed away a car door to keep on walking.Two artificial not stirring attention, have no oneself to drive, but sit to rent a car.
From the corner of the street turn in the past, was the back door of medicine store.The back door is also a street, but not front of West Lake road that sort noisy traditional Chinese, the road noodles also has no anterior of the street is spacious.This place mostly some convenience stores and small food store is lord..
2 people haven't walked up, see a women urgently and in a hurry walk to come in from the back door of cypress surname medicine store.Then drill one that stops into the doorway to speed a car.Very the express train son hair moves and drives to come over here toward the Chen Mo Nong and leaf autumn.
Chen Mo Nong pulls a leaf the autumn drilled into a flank ground convenient store, that speeds the car drives to pass by ground time from their in front, leaf autumn what to see driver car is a him to acquaint with a ground of women very much----Cao snow piano.
"Do you want to buy what?"The owner who makes a convenience of a store sees the guest coming in.The uprising faced along while, 2 people had never opened mouth to want thing, but had been staring at to outside see and cannot helped but making a noise to ask a way.
"------Give us two bottles of water."The apology ground of Chen Mo Nong looking at storekeeper to say.

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