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Do I still don't know to is poisoned?"The fee soars to stare at that guy to say:"I want to be knowing BE.What poison did he win?You can cure good he."
The old man sub- facial expression is a bit embarrassed.Patiently say:"Young master please listen to my explanation.He was poisoned.The poison that is an end in a kind of modern medical science history to know.Because once fail ground case, so we also have no confidence to definitely cure good this Sir."
"Added HS339 and repress the medicine M400 of brain nerve in poison, these two kinds of medicine are mutually exclusive------"
"I have no interest to listen to these medical terms.You the question that need to answer me good."The fee soars the facial expression Yin Yu ground to say.
"BE BE."Old man nod:"This kind of two medicine will produce to reject a function, basically hard fusion, but all easy drive the human body absorb.If get into a human body, this kind of rejecting condition will continue to carry on.We thought that the quite a few grows to cure a project, but all has no 100% confidence."
See the facial expression that the fee soars changes of more difficult see, the old headman hurriedly withdraws previous remark a way:"However, just professor Zhang Yu puts forward of the toxic substance elimination method go very much.We can carry on toxin to clean up through a medicine to the human body
"What does that still speak so many useless talk stems?Hurry son to do."The fee soars to cannot help but making a noise to scold a way.Don't know as well is who tell them that all of these guys is the medical sciences superior's ground, how be like an old-fashioned scholar more?
"Please the help cure good he."Sit at the leaf autumn nearby, have been fearing him ground the hand ground is blue can heart truly be willing to the ground say to those doctors.When the autumn of leaf can not see, she expressed she enough braveness.Bravely hug him, bravely hold his hand, bravely plea for help for the sake of him.
"Blue young lady.Hand over to them.We go out to wait in a short while."The fee soars to come over here a small voice to say.
"Good."Being blue can the heart point nod, leaf the autumn ground send back a quilt inside, then followed a fee to soar room.Wait for in the hallway.
Three minutes-----
Five minutes------
Half the hour passed by, in still have no voice to spread.If not that was afraid to bother their surgical operations, the fee soared to all want in the past knocked at door to inquire about bottom is what is the row a son.
Turned head to looking at to sit on the soft chair same misgiving ground blue can heart, say:"Blue young lady don't eat some son thing?"
"Need not.I ain't hungry."Being blue can the heart shake head.
The fee soars a kind of setback feeling and regardless go at ordinary times where, oneself always the focus in the crowd, go where will have a woman to strike up a conversation on his/her own initiative.But his nearby a few women seem an exception.Always can't have other women that kind of the fan inebriate of air, but very of dispassion, or say not to appreciate this kind of handsome?
Probably they have already become accustomed to a leaf for autumn and even like a leaf for autumn that kind of the man of the type.
The autumn of the leaf is very depressed, his thinking is awake.He what the matters can feel, other people's words he can also listen to the ground arrive, but be have no way sport.Eyes are heavy, the body is heavy, even connect mean to say words, the quarrels all have no way sport.
The blockade person of motor nerve.But can't blockade the person's thinking nerve.Probably is leaf the autumn certainly inhales of the quantity is small, or their researches are still not enough perfect.
But leaf autumn what to can not bear with BE, a group of persons round him to knock to beat and also his mouth to infuse that kind of to let what people vomited sour smelly medicine water.Is this to so-calledly clean up toxic substance elimination?
More depressed BE, a little nurse returns take other people's inattention of time, by hand and secretly touched touch him an underground body.
Elder sister touches and then touch.We of the small life is on the your hand, let you have some son cheapness, we also endured.Can you use does the useful forceps knock?
All by hand knock not to get up, use forceps to become?If you have SM a fondness for.We can privately discuss a research, don't is all right here?
Those favour of medical expert for a while behind, see the meaning that the leaf haven't waked up for autumn, some worried."Teaches.Is this the son what is the row?The heart rate is normal, breath although is slowly low,also calculate as usual.The toxin of internal organs should also expel about, why still can not come to?"
"You how can anyone know toxin row of about?I doubt to basically don't eject.Or, also the row don't come out."

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