Soared the fee

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The autumn of the leaf as far as possible of the control live he or she to reduce to breathe number of times, can still feel that the heart starts delivering stuffy, the head is some heavy fellings.This represents to a person who has no disease to have no disaster what, the leaf autumn knows it in heart.
Can not keep on refusing to budge again.Otherwise oneself will doom.
"Want Yao to give up.You can leave.Had better beat my idea.Her life controls in the my hand."The middle age man imitates a Buddha is know that the leaf is just thinking for autumn what, make a noise to remind a way.
"Certainly.If I can begin, early------"Ye Qiu says, that last rock lightning flash sort in the hand makes moves and shoot middle age a while the man hold the hand of gun, the Mao Mao is a , the man's hand bone all drive leaf the autumn is heavy skill under to broke off.Ground in the hand gun after also sheding off, but being subjected to middle age of this daunt a man unexpectedly a little bit hesitate in the body again run to pick up a gun with moreover a hand.
Being blue can heart lightning flash feet, a feet will fallen off at the gun of their foot to kick from afar.The middle age man wants that controling is blue can the heart consider as hostage ground for time, the leaf autumn has already hurtled to in front.A Zhang slices a behind at the his Bo neck, his body slowly falls down on the sofa.
"Walk quickly."The autumn of the leaf pulls a blue and noble-minded hand to go toward to outside run.Inside in the house that light flavor absolutely is the poison that urges a life, more shout to take a suck at each time, he ground step heavy penny.Don't leave again.Afraid is can not get away from this apartment.
"The autumn of the leaf, how are you?"Being blue can the heart see a leaf for autumn of the step Be some to stumble, become nervous ground to ask a way.
"Have no matter son."The autumn of the leaf pulls blue can the hand of heart, see all the way many people pour in the pool of blood, but the murderer lost a trace and shadow.Ye Qiu knows small white in the neighborhood, just don't want to let morely the person knows that the he or she's ground existence is just.
He has been leaf the autumn hide at darkly in of pickpocket, leaf the autumn Be inconvenient to do a ground of matter son, is all solved by him.
When they run to doorway.The front door is pushed away from the outside.A bread car hasty Chi but go to, leaf autumn and blue can after heart drilled into, the car turns an eye to disappear ground without a trace.They just left and admired the Suo of virtuous Sen to set alight flaming flame.
What to drive is the hatchet man bushy beard that the fee soars, see murky appearance of leaf for autumn, the facial expression frighteneds and asks a way:"Mr. Ye, what's the matter with you?Wanting don't the hospital of sending to hospital?"
Ye Qiu feels that his/her own eyes all soon could not opened, this trick exactly is what things, how can so severe?He knows that the Fu in he inside has already inhaled many toxins.But he has already made greatest efforts ground to want to use to eject inside the dint it goes to and make the strength son of along while, unexpectedly the Hao has no function.
"May be poisoned."Being blue can heart also on the spot, heard a leaf for autumn and that man's dialogue, it is what is the row a son to probably guess.Emphatically hug a leaf whole body for autumn nerveless body, become nervous ground to say:"The autumn of the leaf, how are you?
"O.K.."Ye Qiu finishes saying this sentence, eyes can't open any further.
The fee soars a station before sickbed and looking at a group of persons to toward those to point out to order along while, also no one gives his explanation reason.Make a noise to ask a way:"He how exactly?Does no one know reason?"
"Young master, he is getting more poisoned."Is a wear the depth glasses Kuang slice thickly heel beer bottle bottle bottom the old people once turned round an answer way.Here is the private hospital that the fee soars, so they all call fee to soar like this.
Get a making collective report of bushy beard, say that the leaf fainted for autumn.Soared the fee to frighten a to greatly jump.How will he also faint?
Ask t late and more what, the fee soars to let a bushy beard immediately leaf the autumn send to inside in own private hospital.He threw in a great deal of funds at this hospital and owned the most advanced instrument in the world.And not easy revelation target.
Originally thinking that he just takes off dint or bullet wound, but finishes listenning to blue can after the relating of heart, he just knows that that is a kind of new poison.But after making a diagnosis and giving treatment along while, the these so-called experts leaf autumn still has no half to wake up meaning for cent.These guy but where discuss subterranean heat fire dynasty sky, if be not still use wear they, the fee soars to all want to drag along them to go out to chop down.

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