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"It is same to be honored."Being blue can as heart is talking in mouth, but eyes are some to anxiously conjecture everywhere.While talking they are blue can heart beside, does what he said come to is what mean?Who come?The autumn of the leaf?Where is he now?
Although in the camp see a leaf for autumn and others fight that ferocious appearance.But she is to can not control feelings ground some worry.These hand inside but have a gun.
The middle age man swept hall one eye.Track:"Friend, now that come.Come out to drink cup tea."
Ye Qiu knows that he or she has already exposed a target and thought that necessarily they have already discovered to patrol a ground of bodyguard and german shepherds to all disappear to disappear a ground of matter son.As for supervise and control an equipments-----Supervise and control room inside should don't live a person?
The autumn of the leaf the underneath sent back from the table, tidy up some kind of clothes after, this just walking out of swagger, say:"We meeteach other again."
"Honor it go to."The middle age man stands to start to looking at a leaf for autumn.Say:"When waiting for was many."
"Say.What do you need?I ground life?"Leaf autumn one face smile idea ground to looking at blue can heart.Being blue can heart also the equally full eyes deep feeling ground looking at him, Be just her face last but full is a worry anxiously.She can have no leaf like this big-hearted for autumn, be still worrying how he can escape.
"The autumn of the leaf.You walk quickly."Being blue can the heart shout a way.
"Good.I take you to walk."The autumn of the leaf smiles to nod.Button up in hand rock, the look in the eyes stares at the middle age man's each and every move, but the ear carefully listen to surroundings ground action.As long as having a little bit slight commotion, he will in a twinkling do a reaction.
"Since come, why want to be hasty to walk?Can leaf, Mr. Qiu, have the fascination the bottom dish chess?Blue young lady the chess skill is consummate, I lost to return more.Don't know that how is the chess skill of leaf, Mr. Qiu, ?"
"There is no interest.Don't deceive you to say, I think to be hurriedly Semitic.You are t dangerous.I am afraid you."The autumn of the leaf smiles to shake head.Arriving of his felling, the danger seems to be just to inherit in a little son.But this kind of is dangerous to can't see could not touch.But true exist.
The answer heard a leaf for autumn, middle age man's one face is sorry, lose ground to say:"Alas, perhaps later have no opportunity like this.Although the life is sad,the death is getting more pitiful."
"What mean?"The autumn of the leaf stares at middle age man to ask a way.
"Does not go.All doesn't go."The middle age man sits sofa once up say, be like seek a best death posture for oneself.
"Packed bomb in villa?This is the Yan city, will you do a stupid matter like this?"
"Certainly can't.This is the capital of China country, if take place sensation affairs like this, we will be troublesome.But, some newly arisenly science think that necessarily you haven't realized?"
"What science?"
"Nerve anaesthetic."The man of the middle age says with proud look:"Did not you discover that there is flavor in the air?"
Flavor?The autumn of the leaf really once smells flavor.There are a few laurel blossom trees in the yard and open just gorgeously, thick sumo nose.
It isn't good.They cover up medicine flavor to the aroma flick to spread in the air, then ask for help of laurel blossom.This kind of thing stills really makes people impossible to effectively guards against.The autumn of the leaf has been enough careful, have never thought still win recruit.Oneself is a body is any foetus, really is can't cope with of the other party pile up one after another of some peculiar tricks
Think t late and more, the leaf autumn holds breath, the vigorous in steps hurtled to pass by to the man of middle age.Middle age man's sitting on the sofa don't start, but quickly drew out a to aim at gun very much blue can the head of heart.
Throw rat to hate a machine?Seeming this is the only choice.
The autumn of the leaf can not hurt blue can heart, but if keep on consuming so with him again.Oneself's affirming will be poisoned.He doesn't know this nerve anaesthetic is what things, also never at local and international once heard this name on the market, should be some things that the private organizations study by himself/herself.
Just listen to its know its idea, nerve anaesthetic.Should mainly have already anaesthetized a function.Is even if such, was oneself anaesthetized by them in this place, not just allowed it to cut into pieces?
"The nerve anaesthetic is we new real estate article, aims at some special crowds or top-class superior's use.You have already used a jade round vapor to fix a field 17 human lives to prove their you

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