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It is impossible.If on a train she is idea to aim at the own especially, connected him be going to be the business sons of bodyguard for person to all know, the strength of that this organization also t much terror, who can also resist of?
If say is arrive at a Yan city be again recruited Na by that organization behind, this also has some to don't in the past say.After all, blue can while arriving at a Yan city to have no for a few months, heart an organization like that wants to recruit a member will definitely pass by to scathingly investigate and develop, blue can heart but always all at he is nearby.
Ye Qiu knows that the guess like this is to have no very much according to.Just the scene in the hall is t uncanny to make him have to think so now.
Wait for, wait for an affair the time that true facts is clear go out again.The middle age man looking at blue can the heart put with five white sons again long Long Hou.Praise way:"The blue young lady is indeed as expected intelligent, I really ain't you ground opponent."
"Overpraise."Being blue can the heart lightly say.
"Where.Six fight five to hurt, really is a bit deelpy ashamed."The middle age man smiles to lay by the black piece that he or she keep.Again invite blue can the heart play chess.
"What do you exactly need?"Being blue can heart but would not like to go ten oneselfs' white sons, in quiet looking at an opposite ground man, ask a way:"What do you exactly need?I not really understand meaning that you do so.Does time drag along more longly, isn't more disadvantageous to you?"
"Is not that we don't make great effort, is that the enemy is t deceitful."The middle age man looking at blue can the heart say:"Probably, you are very quick and then can return to.We have no malice to you.This son you should see of come out."
"Yes.What I saw comes out.So then I can strengthen courage to sit to play chess here with you."Being blue can the heart in plain terms nod."That do you have malice to who?"
"A guy that are headaches very much us."Middle age man's hand inside play a few fine pawns."Need not worried, I guess that you were very quick and then met noodles."
"My father?"Being blue can heart misgiving the ground ask a way.
"Your father?, Isn't him.We have no reason to begin to his old man's house."The man of the middle age is tiny to say with a smile.
"The autumn of the leaf?"Being blue can heart facial expression palely and again guess way."He is just a student.Why do you want to deal with him?"
The man of the middle age as if deep in thought the ground saw one eye blue can heart, say with a smile:"No wonder that he will emit dangerous come over to save you.You are really worth him to do so."
Lie prone on the table underneath ground after autumn listenned to 2 people's conversation, the leaf's in the mind lets go of heart.So come to say, blue can heart still and oneself is first of the guess is similar, she is just due to being subjected to the unlucky egg that she implicates be not what mysterious built-up of##number female excellent.
Think of to just and unexpectedly guess so a quiet female kid of pure personality of this idea, leaf the autumn want to stir up his/her own a few box on the ears.
But the in the mind of leaf autumn is more of but is touched, blue can heart after once asking own father to got the answer of the negation, unexpectedly the first guess oneself, even if emotional quotient again person in the low ground.Should also understand this to represent what.
The autumn of the leaf lay prone not to live any further and prepared to seek an opportune moment of accommodation to rush out at the table underneath.He is come from two down stairses, the top is all empty, a personal shadow didn't discover.This is a bit suspicious.Do the persons all ambush to be on the first floor?
Take care of it, the absolute being blocks deicide, the Buddha blocks to put out a Buddha.For the sake of blue can the heart line up own name in the father's behind, leaf the autumn have reason to take a risk for him.
The internal converse machine of the middle age man's chest suddenly ring get up, see opposite of blue can the heart is one eye, also not the tab ground pressed to connect to listen to key.
"Just at and does the blue young lady play chess and have what order?"The middle age man says with a smile.
"Damn.They came."Spread a Yan with weird tune city language in words tube, listen to of come out, the opposite is a don't master in a ground of foreigner to Chinas language.
".BE?Hasn't been hearing the underneath person's report, however I the guess should also arrive."Middle age man's one face at quiet says.
"Good from is it.The organization will remember yours."The man finishes saying and then broked off with hand to converse.If time is t long.The meeting is caught signal by the observant and conscientious person.
"See, we ground the chess bureau be ending.Be honored ability and blue young lady to do very much the chess friend is once."The middle age man lightly says with a smile, when he smiles,

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