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"I look for it.This time but the slightest not ability the gist.Otherwise the owner is again opening to scold.Don't know that that American guy makes as well today what ghost, make us never stop for a moment patrol in the yard.----To, seem visitor in the house.Who is your knowing ?"
"It isn't clear.They almost never go out.The person who knows with owner, affirmation is a somebody."
2 people are saying and going straight up to go, the german shepherd ground suddenly disappears to make 2 people arouse suspicion, just thinking arrive does the front look for.
The autumn of the leaf which can give them the opportunity.From the flower terrace in touch two pieces of brickbat pieces ofs.Again consider as their dart to beat to go out.Two people Cui cannot compare with to defend and recruit in the back part of skull double double.Be just also like those two german shepherds to generally want to keep on planting.The autumn of the leaf is afraid t the voice that they fall flop the general assembly wake up with a start an anterior person, an arrows treads to hurtle up and gives 2 people's body from the behind.Then slowly put to pour, another of the position that they dragged along to arrive their they to just lie to pour, be alongside of to lap over to put on the ground.
The leaf hears their dialogues to the autumn, know they be not that core member.Only admire virtuous Sen to please to ground bodyguard, be responsible for the safety that supports this villa.So at make moves for a ground of time without being excessive, they will collapsed and fainted few hours BE.
Everythings are all excrescent smooth, on the contrary let leaf the heart living to suspect for autumn.But even if so, the leaf autumn still must keep on continuing.Always not the ability turn round because of this reason Semitic?
Climbed to°from the catchment piping in villa the second floors, after getting into a vacant room, this just at last got into the internal organs of villa.
Daytime is is disadvantageous to use to hide, leaf autumn with lend his/her own outstanding artistic skill is on the second floor of rove around in room, a room is a search of room, each room once checks, but hasn't been seeing blue can heart.
Leaf autumn one face is interrogative, where did the person exactly go?
The twoth floor is all empty, a personal shadow didn't see.So are the persons all on the first floor?
If being blue can the heart is on the first floor of words, defending of the first floor strength affirmation the abnormality is firm.And if being blue can if the heart isn't on the first floor, oneself so runs under also have no meaning.Or, blue can heart basically not in this small building?They the base that is different from still in the Yan city?
Is hesitant to namely die for an instant, can the heart is in the their hand and would be place of extreme danger and want to rush.
When the leaf autumn Qian arrives the first floor and see blue can heart and a middle age man who meets once by himself/herself the time in the tea side-table top and bottom five son chesses, clearly feel that own heart has a moment of stop.
What circumstance is this ?
The autumn of the leaf has been feeling he or she not intelligent, but also not stupid.But see this backstage, he clearly felt his own intelligence being not enough to use.
Have for an instant, the leaf autumn even doubts blue can whether heart is also the person of that mysterious organization, with them contact good, intentionally establish bureau to lead oneself to go into Gu.
Wait for.The autumn of the leaf in quiet hides in the restaurant the spread table cloth of rectangle type big dining table underneath, prepare to wait for in a short while, clear up condition after make moves again to save a person.Although knowing like this the doubt can the heart take for a sky, the thunderclap splits.But safety first, the leaf autumn has to be careful.
The autumn of the leaf is have a reason doubt, bind bandit and hostage to relate to harmonious to this extent, the case even having no a matter to play chess to play together is really rare.
That organization is really mysterious and strong t much, Zheng Ru can incubate at Tang Bu Yi nearby for few years, if not because oneself and Wang Bos unite a design, probably she has already completed a task.Strict rare is proper red star, but just a puppet of that organization.Experienced so many accidents, if say blue can the heart is also this one member in the organization, leaf the autumn can't have, either t many Be getting more surprised.
Being just blue can heart is dissimilarity from them, she is what leaf autumn on a train know.Previous that organization want to begin to oneself?Or, blue can heart enter the Yan city is behind just be recruited Na by that organization.

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