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"Going in this time is t dangerous.And inside if appear what action, disturb outsider very easily."The fee soars a suggestion way.
"Need not waited.If is afraid to disturb outsider, you built some threatening forces ofs in the outside dissimulation to go all of a sudden."The leaf autumn Hao doesn't hesitate ground to say.
"It is understand."
Road and nine horizontal roads in the Yan city cross a street corner, a bread car just while making a turn, suddenly come over from the opposite side violent wind a white of sea horse car.Bread car ground the driver is one face panic, the mishap bursting upon makes him some to catch unprepared.Simultaneously and wildly beat steer device.Simultaneously and urgently trample a brake.
The car owner of sea horse car seems the academic association just drove of novice, meet thus the ground circumstance also had some Meng.First respond to come over of is a dozen of steer devices.Hence the circumstance is more getting whatter a mess.2 people beat steer device at the same time, together to left, the eye sees to bump again together rightwards, then two cars very the tacit understanding ground bump at together.
One is huge to loudly spread, drew on the rounding of pedestrian and vehicle view for passing by.Be responsible for by traffic lights the walking of Jing facial expression pallor being on duty to come over, if the affair handles not good, he this hand over Jing and then can become again positive very much.
".They haven't died-----
"Yes.Being really a life is big.Luckily all fastenned safety belt------Hereafter drive certain safety belt------"
"Grandmother of, not have fun.Even bumping individuals is deathless, that car is what trick do ground?How to fructify so?"
"Ah.There is jollification that see.See quickly-----That man ground the head bled-----Can't the meeting be fighting?"
The car owner of sea horse car pushes away a car door and run to the bread car driver ground driver's position, point at driver to scold a way:"You come out for me."
"I hold your mama.Can't your meeting drive?Can't drive to still run to the road to come up to show off.Do you die?"
Bread car driver also not resigned to playing second fiddle, the Chuai drives an one punch to beat on the sea horse car owner's face.Be on duty of handed over Jing to run over to betwixt advise along while, but 2 people acrossed him to strike and kick a ground of Dou quite a few round.The war more plays more strong, the person who rounds a view is more and more.Finally being afraid of getting into trouble feeling to more play is more strong, hurriedly beat to report to the police a telephone.
In the views of owner all drive jade Anne street corner ground the time drawn on by traffic accident affairs, the leaf autumn has already as if nothing has occurredly walked to admire outside in the villa back door of the virtuous Sen.The side ear listenned to the action of listenning to the inside.After waiting until a step voice to far go, climbed to in the hospital wall.
Indeed as expected, back door Shuan two uprising feet have one meter the big german shepherd of much Gao, and two men who wear black western dress separate a period of time come over here to sweep to see 1 time.Those two men pour is easily put even, but those two dogs let leaf a bit difficult for autumn.
Want to be not, use to bite soul ring's peeping some kind of in the minds of german shepherds is just thinking what, then bribe it according to their a fondness fors?
The autumn of the leaf still really wants to try this ring to trail and discover the brain of animal.However this linger effect is a lot t big, if goes in to stay behind is remembering a nautical mile not to come to how to do?Or, hereafter reserved animal ground how some temperaments do?
Killing them isn't difficult, difficult don't let before killing them they produce a sound.
From the pocket in touch two stone heads ofs.Wait until german shepherd to walk to when oneself is just opposite hands volley, hears depressed E a , two german shepherds then lie to pour on the ground.
The autumn of the leaf can very easily beat with the rock medium german shepherd, but the shot can with one action kill its shot, don't let again it bleeds hair to don't need to peep out clues, but is a highly difficult work.
Taking advantage o those two bodyguards that patrol yard hasn't come over here, the leaf autumn flew soon to jump down from the bed.Trail two corpses of german shepherds dynasty yard a cabin in the corner run over there, where is a floret park, the leaf autumn dragged along the corpse of german shepherd to a branches and leaves luxuriantly evergreen tree to behind hide.
Solved these 2 to report to the police a machine.The autumn of the leaf didn't the slightest delay, the body quickly ran to behind in the villa, then lay prone on a flower terrace to behind be like a corpse sort a move also motionless.Treat him just and lay well, those two bodyguards again patroled to come over.

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