many a dangers

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One is fierce to rush toward, haven't come yet in two views and on TV transfer to come over of time, the small white has already shot their heads with the butt end of rifle.2 people are stuffy to utter a word, the double double pours at ground up.
The small white does such a thing son really is with frightening ease, re- press 2 people's body again once chair up, let the carriage that they keep to originally watch television.Didn't superfluously help them the door for closing room, if no one closes to to ask words, basically can't someone discover that they have already been knocked down.
The vapor fixs there are many cars and tires for abandonning in the field, small white lend these covering of things, phantom general of forward the noodles flee to go and close to gradually lord building.
The time that meets the first black dress person, the small white has no hesitant, three Leng steel fork abnormalities fastly Chuo enter his belly inside.If mow a paper sort, the bar for having no, hears Shua ground sharp Feng quickly tear to pieces carnal of clear and crisp sound.
Died with the same skill Chuo again several unluckily guy after, the small white has already closed to a lord building.The first floor is as dark as stairs one, the twoth floors have a room bright light.See, he lets the person whom he saves bright over there the room of light in.
Is small white is a bit interrogative, press the truth to speak, they should have the real strenght strong superior just right.Why until oneselfs all have been walking now very smooth?Just those black dress person's strength's pouring is very and far quite good, but responds ability and top-grade superior but differs.They once were subjected to a training, but affirmation can't organize a medium core member.
If they just this kind of level of words, that and one was large black to distinguish for nothing important.It is a world mysterious organization to be not likely to be like the sort that he says.
The stairs inside doesn't know to have to install to respond a light as well, or say all lights broke down, there is unexpectedly no gleam.The small white has no night to see an equipments, but can also see clear outline.But, can't their meeting ambush on the stairs?
Suddenly, the heart of small white fiercely has muscular spasms, the nerve of body also collapses ground tightly.Then the body is rapid of next lie prone, haven't waited until his body to fall to the ground.Mao ground one Be huge to loudly spread, the post that he just stood black-and-blue powder together flies.
Here is an one wilderness, basically have never made Gao Dian Lai to do to cover.So, sniper can only ability is at continuously move of run.The ability closes to under own sense of hearing, and attains sneak attack effect like this, will never be a simple person.
The small white knows to meet a superior, not only don't worry, on the contrary the heart bottom has ambiguously of excitement.Don't need body to fall on the ground, the steel fork fiercely supports ground, three continuous soar to the skies after turn over to closed to a flank of one abandon a car behind.
7 people meet together together and block that long-haired woman betwixt.Is original outside of the color of the sky dark, drive they so on hiding, the leaf autumn basically can't see clear long hair chemisette face.The leaf autumn has no today and blue can the heart once met and even connected the other party to be dressed in what kind of clothes all indetermination.By so doing, he can not distinguish this woman at all exactly is not is can heart.
So, he just asks the other party to lift up her face.
Want ~only a person to, he will immediately dash into to rob a person.Because that organization is t mysterious unfathomable, he doesn't have necessarily successful confidence, but he has to do so.Being blue can the heart is in the their hand many a minutes, also many a dangers.
Tang Guo is just a prop and is just a bait, he impossibly and really uses Tang Guo changes blue can heart, there is also no this power.
Being blue can the heart is a living life, Tang Guo is too.
The autumn of the leaf is on the road contact with small white, indicate him from the behind take the offensive, the front and back of 2 people attacks from both flanks.If the other party can promise him to take out to a switching claim of person, that naturally again good however.After all, need not thorough tiger's den also reduced many dangerous degrees.The peace or chaos of own peace or chaos and small white doesn't worry that but have no the dint of chicken of blue can how to do heart and Tang Guo?
Even if the their different idea takes out a person, oneself has to also want to go in.

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