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"You can take my friend to come out now?"The autumn of the leaf makes a noise to say.
The middle age man turned round to toward yard to beat two signals, immediately the hospital door greatly opens, a group of persons walked out.In the center there is a girl's son, long hair shawl.Head droop, the leaf autumn could not see a face.
"Let her raise head.I must listen to her the voice promise her safety."Leaf autumn ground the hand trample accelerator in the underneath and make a noise to say.
Tang Guo nervously grasps arm of leaf autumn, the small voice asks a way:"The autumn of the leaf, you can't really the plan want to exchange me to go out?"The sea horse car in silver white silently has no stopping of an interest in the wayside, the price of car isn't high, and in of some parts are all some old, all whetted on the steer device and leather chair hair side.But the host of car are a handsome man who can let numerous young girls scream to faint Xuan.
Blackly have no a silk to fold wrinkly western dress forever, snow generally and pure whitely cotton gloves, a from ancient times doesn't turn is like thousand years cold icily face.No matter summer autumn of spring winter.All of this are that the small white landmarks Be quasi- to dress ups.
This only two people can let the small white smile in the world, but more people------The small white didn't be the person to them.
The spare Xiang that opens a car, from in take out a Jing to make of steel password box.The small white wears the finger of beginning the set after stretching out press five pieces words and then hears Mao Pa a grounds frailty ringing.Draw back a fetter, open a box.
Show off Yang 711 rifles, the power is big, the thermodynamic power is fierce, and the recoil is also super strong.Certainly, to gun, recoil more weak gun the operation of the more convenient user.But the viewpoint of small white differ with ordinary people.He likes that kind of the shocking impact dint that that strong recoil for bullet to shoot go out bring.
The originally small white is used a gun is to don't fix ground, what kind of the guns are all difficult don't pour him.But ever since that time accompanied the leaf's autumn to come back from Su Hang last time, by accident once experienced personally the power of this kind of rifle once, to its feeling had a clock only.
This show off Yang 711 is a pocketsized version of, scold huge sum to directly make to order from the factory house.BE killing people aspect, the small white always can't skin a flint.Long Nyu says of to.Homicidal is he the ground love.Who can deprive again?
Small white after receiving a leaf the ground the telephone for autumn rush through come.But he work at ordinary times but is silently guard a woman whom he doesn't like.
Chen Mo Nong, her grace comes from soul deep place.Isn't past to make carriage, the bearing manner of speaking general Qin person's flavor friendly quality arises spontaneously.Woman like this should a lot of men like?
He should also like.Otherwise and how can make oneself protect her?
Yes.He dislikes a woman.Dislike world all women.
After that used a needle method to specially close some blood vesselses of his body such as the devil generally old headman in the his eyes, he became thus ground monster.Body abnormal condition, mental state abnormal condition, bite blood and kill so much, such as the hell fix Luo.
He has no happiness and only have faith.
Or, is the faith like this also a kind of happiness?
Doesn't matter, he has to be homicidal.That kills for him.
Is that double of wear white gloves of the hand unusually and intelligently like a few spare partses in the box to the construction.This kind of specially ordered to make it just to install a top to economize two steps, only was these two steps.Have numerous people would like to many sets USD 10000 own it.
Trail arms all alone, on another hand but hold to chase yellow aureate and triangle steel fork.Three sharp Lengs, the both sides is short, in the center long, go fishing with fisherman the fishing using to put about, but is weapon field's placings before ten sharp weapons.
Walk a road, came right away a jade round vapor to fix place back door.The back door is a together ragged iron gate, but side has a cabin.Is like a public security room, inside someone talks of the voice spread.
The small white walks to doorway, that iron in yellow embroiders to make him some on the door hesitant.But still keep stretching out a hand, hold tight iron fanlight iron bar, didn't send out any voice to loudly climb past.
The side ear listenned to listen to, inside in the house totally had two people, and hearing sounds can guess their ages.They see an over against a set of the house inside television very fiery war movie at present, and ever and anon dispute severals.
The war is the man's main melody, all of in the past dynasties in the pasts are such.

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