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the face reading is common.The autumn of the leaf even basically cans not finds one of his outstanding characteristics, the person like this casts away to turn an eye in the crowd meeting drive crowd of people to drown.
But, is exactly also a person like this is nation and some personal organizations to like development.They that face naturally had to conceal function.
"Mr. Ye, Ms. Tang, welcomes."The man's view turned to turn in Tang Guo Lian's bottom, facial expression wood however ground said.
"You aren't the person who makes a phone call for me."The leaf autumn facial expression icy coldly says.
"Certainly.The director can't appear to greet a guest in person.This origin of matter I deal with it and discommoded Mr. Ye.I think that the eyes ground that you come isn't for seeing that make a phone call to you a ground of person?"Man's seeming already and expecting a leaf for autumn will have like this of reaction, a face at quiet says.
"What about my friend?"The autumn of the leaf looking at the be like broken-downly yard sort of the car fix a field, the inside one utter darkness, is like that choose a person but bite a ground of monster is opening widely big mouth to wait them to go in.
"Mr. Ye trusts.We will send your friend according to the engagement up.Just-----"The man stares at to sit on the room of copilot of Tang Guo, say:"This young lady must be Ms. Tang?"
"I am Tang Guo whom you frequently kidnap to frequently fail."Tang Guo sneers at taunt.
The man obviously has already in mind record Tang Guo's appearance familiar and says:"So, put~to the trouble two go in together with me."
"Etc.."The autumn of the leaf yells to stop a way.Exchange at the door."
"Exchange?Would Mr. Ye really like to use Ms. Tang to exchange a blue young lady?"The middle age man on the contrary had some to dare not believe, unbearable again confirmation way.Seem to prepare of recruit basically and use not behind up, the other party matched with t much.All letting of the match he feels a bit uneasiness.
"Certainly.Can the heart is long of more beautiful than her, the shape is also plumper than her.Why would I not like to exchange?"The autumn of the leaf smiles to nod.
Tang Guo angered, one feet Chuai trampled in the big feet on the brake toward the leaf autumn and scolded a way:"The autumn of the leaf, you bastard.Old Niangs are all taken own life peace or chaos to change your woman, you still laugh at me.-----You is conscienceless, the old Niang put together with you."
Tang Guo makes threatening gestures ground to rush toward to come over, the hands confusedly beat body of leaf autumn.The autumn of the leaf is by hand blocking and saying:"Like, not be making a mess of.Will show other people joke."
"I take care of so many.They want to kidnap me all day long, do I still want to chase them when does the person see?"Tang Guo although mouth up say so, again after the chest of leaf autumn touched two, the still livelong dress packed to sit to return to.
The middle age man hears Tang Guo's words don't the slightest change countenance and have much of the patience ground the performance for standing where to looking at Tang Guo and leaf for autumn.Wait until two while finally making ground about, the people just make a noise to say:"Mr. Ye, I not is doubt your sincerity.Just your choice makes me feeling unimaginable.So, I miss we or go in commutation better."
The autumn of the leaf hasn't talked, but Tang Guo is some to become angry.Point at middle age man to scold a way:"Is what you make me come over, the somebody else brought person now, you feared to fear feet again.This bind bandit to do of didn't have backbone t much as well?I can responsiblely tell you, we can't go in.You don't believe us, you feel that I have what position can believe you?Big uncle, you have to remember your identity, you are to bind bandit."
Time of coming leaf autumn with Tang Guo Shang measure good, let her intentionally make a mess of to pretty tie up to procrastinate time.As long as the small white comes to person to the extrication, he can also catch the mysterious person of that dozen call words.From that person's mouth inside or brain inside, can always get some some data of that organizations.
Just let leaf for autumn what to have never thought BE, they really watched out for t much.The man who makes a phone call basically would not like to appear publicly, and then seek to come a puppet to cope with himself/herself.Ye Qiu knows that since make to grasp at present this guy.Perhaps also having no way can from the his mouth in get what useful news.
The middle age man wanted to think and connected ground of collar of dress converse equipments, after saying a few puzzling words, say:"Good.We promise your conditions.Exchange at the door."

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