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sting hands all of full chests are woods residue, ground the jet break a tooth and live to be like a hedgehog in the farce.The inside temperature in office is feat, wear ground to be just thin shirt, forbid not to live a sharp wood residue Zan sting naturally.
Just the shell Ju back of the head starts to emit lump with big egg, again surprised again Nu again panic, this thus malicious hot, absolutely can not underrate.The pitiful Lao Tze 50-year-old person also needs to be subjected to this etc. to live offense and particularly breaks mutually, can not even make people accept, doesn't he know to hit persons not to beat facial taboo?
Flash head, wide awake gradually, thinks the Wu wears a back of the head pain call some kind of again say, but Liao learns still cold Jun ground gun muzzle of soldier to make him stop all surplus actions.
"I leave the sky television station, is halfway attacked by surprise by the rifleman before more than a hours, how should this Zhang calculate?"
Just the shell Ju sees he affirm that he definitely knows this matter, wear a mouth to lightly crumple a lump, just make a pretense of to helplessly say:"We several brotherses all have the greed of place of honor, this doesn't calculate as well what secret, so match Zong to connect horizontal what of, be like spring for autumn fight a country so Dou more than 10 years, a life time Xiang is critically ill, so best chance who not jealous, but what I take charge of is medium, nothing important influence, not as so strong as the their transportation, energy, have to do false account."
"H'm."Old Liao expresses consent:"You also have advantage, that is most adequately always your information source the inest time, can also control a public opinion direction, contribute efforts to the self-interest.Continue to say."
Just the shell Ju is coerced, seem to be very sincere:"You just walked at noon, the shell brave Xiao called for me, and he says to want to take charge of a lord, gives me various promises and lets me supports him.But I also in a state of drift, for the company measure for a while, he says the help of Qian of getting Tang prepares to unite to put together to build on stilts niece Dan to be already, product physically the parties consider in a short while, then end a conversation."
Tang's Qian is also one of household seven greatest supportses, there is a bank in the hand and also be responsible for the business of finance investment, stock market.This person at in the sea He He has, 16 year agos just way because its means was vivid, the taste was original, started accurate, almost attained absolutely safe situation, be praised as "child prodigy".Certainly, the present child prodigy has already been getting older.
The secretary pushes door but goes into:"The shell is total, you important position cigarette."The current situation frightens her enough Qiang, the cigarette is fallen off to ground, is about to scream, and the leaf small white stretches hand Wu to live her mouth to say with smile:"The beauty doesn't be excited, the shell always can't rape yours."
Shell just the Ju don't already is distress, for learn soldier's in front to mean at Liao harmless, seriously says:"Is small yellow, the matter that you see today, will never tell others."
The nervous location of female secretary nods.The leaf small white doesn't put a weak quality fair sex in the eye, loosens to open her and picks up a cigarette to say:"Much good river water card cigarette, beauty, you are really considerate.The ground bed in my house is very big, whether you consider ……"
The female secretary is like to be stained with to move bowels flick in addition to dooropen, on bowing, "sorry, I what didn't see."Shiver to begin to take to come.
Liao learns a soldier to lay up pistol and says with smile:"That which side did you decide to stand now?Clean all of the Zhang eyes before tomorrow morning, I don't want to see false account.Should be how much be how much, don't make to falsely forge."
Momentary, the purple wood road is suddenly many some oddly the person is an all easygoing small bludger, 35 hang up a shoulder to take a back in groups, readily gutter language, see a garbage box don't want a feet of Chuai can not, the foot contains 34100 people, with the 231th fly tour horse group company mansion for the central point outwardly radiate, often there is still the motorcycle to form into groups to roar and shout and lead, let common citizen's greatly puzzled, go shopping also very careful, fear to have got this to help rascal, encounter unexpected calamity.
But Liao learn the small white of soldier and leaf quietly foolish at Xuan force the avenue No.18 lane son shell the grove of one kilometer outside the family of the brave Xiao in, the fierce smoke inside the wagon curls up."Elder brother Bing, we are here wait and wait until when?Still have, let them stroll indiscriminately in the purple wood road, whether is t silly?Still be rather like just similar directly dash into to do his Niang!

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