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Liao learns the soldier's face to have a little hair white, the spirit seems have no just so good, the corner of mouth is still to hang that kind of to damnedly smile an idea.The flank is that young man, the whole body fur-lined jacket foppery seems his under charge.Is this time needless and you are t many polite, Lao Tze is also a dignity of, which it's your turn to want to come to come right away and want to walk and then walk?Just the shell Ju prepares to press an alarm bell, the order public security gradually walks they.Also be regarded as to dismount Wei for .
Liao learns a soldier to suddenly stir one handle huge pistol, toward him to button up a trigger.
Being huge to ring is deafening, the wood residue splashes, shell just the office desk document of Ju in front cover with to raise, the table cracks open by explosion into two halfs, the pencil plays in his face, the speed is t quick, unexpectedly give°ed the face to row to harm, and the wood residue fragment is satisfied in succession to fall in the body.This is how the pistol of power!
Just the shell Ju scares to death, almost think the small life of oneself doesn't protect and unexpectedly have dejected a short moment.
"I think that we should talk well."Liao learned a soldier to open this gun and broke wound by dint earthquake behind, the wrist paralyzed very, strong endure painful past make to as if nothing has occurredly talk.
The public security of outside hears huge to ring and draws out Jing stick to flow out to come in in succession.
Liao's learning a soldier to press a root don't see their one eye:"Let irrelevant persons all go out, prohibit to report to the police, otherwise I beat to explode your head."
Shell just Ju this just responds to come over, the Vinaceous Rosefinch street hooligan's eldest brother indeed as expected has Dan, no wonder that can get the shell a life time appreciating of Xiang, noodles such as soil color dynasty the public security Nu make a signal by pursing:"You all go out, don't involve in other's business."He several endless 10-year years also once suffered a few enemies kill, all safely once hid, briefly fear in the past, became a town quiet down.
The shell house leaders opponent the bottom all generally and very have already ruled dint, since shell always the order don't involve in other's business, many public securities have never seen again someone get hurt, just that the table breaks, didn't associate more things.The in the mind whispers to back bottom.
"You battle out a seat of host to place no time for waiting already BE, say, is you do of still who dry of?"
Dare feeling he is to look for enemy, shell just the Ju could not touch brains, "stem what?I always the direct under charge tidy up to prepare to hand over to look over for spoilt daughter of a rich family in the company.Can have what to can do?"
"That is who dry?"Liao learns a soldier the one step one step walked in the past, until the eagle of desert arrives to ascend his forehead.
Black hole hole ground the gun muzzle make people tremble with fear, shell just the Ju suddenly think of noon that person say to tidy up his life, unexpectedly so begin.Two tigers compete with each other, Liao learns a soldier to incredibly find out his/her own head up, be really enough wrong.Now that Liao learn a soldier to have Dan to have slightly, rather make them contend for first ascend on contending for, conveniently delay any more several personal waterings.At that moment make a pretense of bitterness bitterness deliberation.Innocently say:"The E can let go of the gun first, we occupy good amount of company, I really didn't know to take place what matter."The facial expression packed hundred percent, Hun however keep out of it.
The eagle of the desert malicious Chuo enters his mouth cavity.The Ke collapses a few teeth, the nitric smoke flavor flows out into a nose through an esophagus and immediately starts to be suffused with to want the felling for vomiting.Just the shell Ju pain calls to make a noise, tightly wrinkly eyebrows, dark scold whether today bumped Wen absolute being, the favour is made an effort to put a hand.Try the wariness of getting rid of the other party.
"If you not speak allow me to be satisfied with ground result, that your head similar to this table."Liao learns a soldier to sneer at and stirs the gun of making moves.
Shell just the Ju is long long absorbed an one breath, but had never hindered to swallow to fall 2 to break a tooth, the card is in the throat.Is immediately out of breath, the facial expression rises into purple blue.Violent wind tears, want to vomit and could not vomit, extremely suffered.

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