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"Combine various situations to see, the suspicion of five group representative directors is the biggest.I lived them to control ground step in the shell house.Can get from this affair, backstage instigator is the person who contains to take a risk a factor in the personality space, and is still a quick-tempered, and have the self-confidence of blindness to oneself."Old Liao finds out bandage to suppress wound on the car and endure ache analysis way.
Leaf small white always still not enough well experienced:"Why?"
"He if don't like to be risky, then can't choose in the busy streets area to hire a murder person, if isn't a quick-tempered, is not likely to then and stubbornly launch raid to me on the second day, if isn't blindly self-confident, what then can't have never investigated clear circumstance under begin.Just with this 3:00, again according to other performance, I can very easy at five individual among find out to really be fierce to."
If let backstage instigator know that Liao is learning the whole process of soldier even the heads have never returned but can analyze so very clear, only afraid he will regret his own reckless decision.
Find out a mess clinic that hangs old military surgeon to particularly cure sexually transmitted disease brand in the lane son of road tail, also not much say what, threw several hundred dollars to make him begin at once.That doctor's whole body dirty black big Gua, seeing their whole body is a blood, meaning to say here isn't a surgery, but again want to earn a few Mei hearts money, the Xu Xu Dao Dao says what guarantee to cure 100 to get sick of work properly a medicine, be been small by the leaf white slap get three soul without six souls, the tooth takes off two, just the ash slipped away to close front door and got they drill into inside the room and wash hands disinfection and changed a body have never worn for several years of clean clothes, find out surgical operation knife and ■son.
His pouring isn't an orthodox liar, the subordinate contains several cents, effort, neatly mow to open flesh to use son pliers the Qian sew the bullet of inside in the bone, temporarily hesitating should report to the police.But the leaf is small white to take out several hundred dollars to cancel his mind again.
Just wound and sinew and flesh just, nothing important big Ai, ascend medicine, tie up bandage, beat to eliminate inflammation needle, with old Liao's physical endowment, foundation can free activity, but can not also make an effort t much.
"Elder brother Bing, keeps first to harm to put him so much how many days of way out still how?"
"Must find out first to really be fierce to, can not blindly act.My forepaw just came out from the sky television station, empress feet meet raid, even if shell just the Ju wasn't to instigate a person, he also definitely knew inside story.Among five individuals who is to excite risky personality to temporarily can not know, seek a shell first Ju just always can't be wrong."
"That I let the younger brothers surround a television station and appear in public and then chop down."
"Mama of, use more some brain, and the industry of a television station is still a shell house, we as long as aim at a shell Ju just a person enough.I once saw that guy, is also one fool that is empty to have greed but nothing important energy at noon."
2 people said to ascend a fierce horse.Old Liao's wound is painful to die, for the sake of packing dauntless person have to strong line of endurance.
"That let's teach fool."
Just the shell Ju surveillance begins the sorting finish Zhang eyes, and then run to the top the sky network of the 26th floors location, equally speed up them by law BE.Is also the most spacious office here, the front of outside more than ten office computers in the hallway all have a busy procedure member at the operation, he depend wait for a secretary to spread news on the sofa, the needless station after death takes out with the whip son at the employee.Temple calls to a secretary:"Arrive down stairs to buy smoke for me, want river water card."Thought a to think, felt this cheap cigarette very disgraceful, and then explained 1:"It is just wanting to talk that advertises and studies first for a while with river water cigarette factory."
Secretary just walk, was about to inquire the news agency of oneself's control have report Cai Cang Lang be made track for kill of case.If this matter discloses a society, the other medium follow when the time comes and dig out a few section managers why resigned at the same time news, the head office stock by all means has a small range slump, the shell Xiao Dan flusters, burned, by all means have no time a diverted management another business, so organic can take advantage o.
Just thought a problem, walk on air, doorway drive open, the temperature in the office in vain descends, shell just the Ju shrunk to shrink neck,

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