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A bronze-colored face is "weather-beaten"-full of wrinkles. (It's normal for old people of this age to be like this.) The size is not high, even if the sky collapses, it will be counted down! But that fat, from a distance, I feel that my neck is gone! Put your head gently on your body! There are also small eyes and big belly! However Cigarettes For Sale, she is so kind, so amiable! This is my grandmother. After working, men, women and children in town like to sit on the bench in front of the non-staple food shop where grandma makes a living in their spare time. Girl is married! "Wait. At this time, my grandmother always looked at them cheerfully, listened to their conversations, and didn't comment, and just passed the boring time. My grandmother was very fond of children! The small shops in the town are mostly related to people's lives, such as: washing powder, soap, soy sauce, vinegar ... of course, there is no shortage of sweets that children love. Because grandfather is the oldest member, after grandmother married grandfather, she lost her surname and changed into a "Wang Yao mother". Whose parents are at work, and the children are out of school, so they wait in front of their grandmother's door, play for fun, safe, no need to worry! For a long time, the children came to school and gathered at the door of grandma's non-staple food shop. Haw was crooked, "Yao Po" above, "Yao Po" below. Tell grandma the fun of school and let grandma laugh happily. Quickly open the sugar jar, take out a few jelly beans and put them in their hands! The grandmother smiled as they watched them eat. Although the smile is not childish, the smile is also unique: eyes, nose, mouth seem to be wrinkled together! Ah, the children sweetened their mouths, and the grandmother sweetened her heart! Laughing like that, it is a living Buddha statue! In my mind, the name "Fat Buddha" is better! An old woman with no culture, miraculously wrote down the birthdays of all her relatives, old and young, dozens of people. She doesn't remember it with a notebook, but with her heart-because she has a family-friendly scale in her heart! Whenever someone's birthday arrives, she will be the first to appear in front of him (her), and sometimes even the only one to congratulate him (her)! Maybe a bottle of wine, a duck, a small shirt, whenever this time, my mother said to me happily: "Gifts are not big or small, but love can become such a kind grandmother, but in 2002, they left me forever. ... I heard that when she died, she still had a smile on her face. From then on, I lost the warmth of my grandmother's caress. In spring, I couldn't eat the fragrant, crispy and spicy peanuts; She can no longer use the Pu Fan to drive away the "buzzing" mosquitoes for me Marlboro Red. This is my grandmother, but it really means "a big belly can contain things that can be tolerated in the world"; My grandmother Newport Cigarettes, a kind-hearted person who laughed all my life, a person I missed
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