Typhoon "Seagull

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Typhoon "Seagull" just flew yesterday, the weather is really cool, it is a good time to travel, I decided to go with my mother to the beautiful water town ---- the ancient town of Xitang. When I arrived in Xitang, I felt that there were so many people here, as well as tourists from abroad. It seems that it is quite famous here. I heard that there is a long corridor in Xitang. Why didn't I see it? I walked along a small stone bridge. Suddenly, my eyes lit up. The long-awaited corridor finally appeared. Overlook, can not see the side at a glance. I know from the information that the Jiangnan water town has rainy seasons. In the ancient times, a merchant had built a porch in order to attract customers and facilitate farmers entering the city, and his business became better and better. Other businessmen followed suit, and the longer and longer the porch was built, let our descendants also enjoy their blessings Cigarettes For Sale. I walked through this long corridor, there were many shops and stalls next to it, and most of the things I sold were self-produced and self-sold. Hey, I saw a sign of "maltose" hanging on the front. I have heard of the name and have n��t tasted it yet. I paid for it, and I saw that the grandfather at the stall handed me the bright, sticky maltose in the pot with two chopsticks. I took a bite, it was delicious, so sweet, yeah , The maltose was about to fall Marlboro Lights, and an uncle who was eating maltose next to me told me that the sugar would n��t fall until I kept winding it. I immediately did it, and the malt candy returned to the chopsticks, and I took the opportunity to take a bite. Then repeat the action just now Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Although maltose is sticky on my hands, I think it ��s fun to eat maltose. There are many stone alleys in the ancient town of Xitang. It is said that there are more than 100 bars. I walked on the narrow stone road and watched the bustling shopping crowd. There is a long alley on the edge of the alley, and there are still a few red lanterns hanging at the entrance of the alley. I feel that familiar, as if I have seen it somewhere, is it in a dream? Or in the poetry of the poet? This long, lonely The small alleys, from ancient times to the present, I do not know how many unknown stories happened, which caused my endless reverie. The rivers in Xitang are criss-crossing and extending in all directions. There are many beautiful stone bridges on the surface of the river. The long willow branches on the side of the bridge hang into the river. In the summer, I was tired of drinking a refreshing herbal tea. Seeing this kind of scene, I also feel tired to walk. What tea do I have to take a break? "" Then let's have a cup of chrysanthemum tea, "we said. The tea came soon, and I poured myself and my mother A cup of tea, take a sip slowly, um, good fragrant chrysanthemum tea. I leaned on the chair while eating green beans and chrysanthemum tea, squeaking a cruise ship on the river, stirred After a burst of ripples, it slowly dissipated. The restaurant on the opposite side was hung with simple signs. I seemed to have become an ancient poet. I sat at the river and sang tea and tasted tea. I really didn't know where I was.
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