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After the first chemotherapy, it has been two weeks since I returned home. My relatives and friends have come to see me, and they all feel distressed to me, and persuade me to relax and be happy. I ca n��t do anything, and I ca n��t eat food Remind me, I feel that I am really sick when the whole family is worried. My parents also know that I have breast cancer. I have always said that everyone is the same. They are all cured. Do n��t worry. Where do they know that I am not worried about myself I am worried about them. If I ca n��t cure them, what will they do? Now they know that nothing is more important than life. I remember Zong Pu ��s article in junior high school. Both flowers and people are alive, but the long river of life is forever. Endless. Now I just hope that I can live longer, do n��t want anything else, cooperate with the doctor to treat myself, do what I like to do, draw, read books, practice words, treat my children tenderly, tell him stories, Take him to play, comfort your parents, let them rest assured, don't worry t much about me! WeChat, which should be done by a daughter ��s mother, just came out. Everyone sent everything to the circle of friends. Just look at his circle of friends to know where he went today and what he ate; love to see who knows what day, and I do n��t know in what year it started, my friends ��disappeared�� one by one. We can't get their status from the circle of friends. Sometimes, I would gossip, poke an avatar to chat privately, and ask him why he did n��t post a state. He said that there are so many friend circles, and there are a few likes and comments. Know if you have had such an experience. Every time before sending a circle of friends, you always edit each text with great care, choose each picture, think about how to publish it to make others like it, and strive to make you in the eyes of others become what they want to see. In every circle of friends you send, you work hard to create a beautiful and upward image, hoping to show your best to others. However, if people drink water, they will know about it. You are anxiously staring at the tips of others' likes and comments, but, one minute, two minutes, three minutes ... A few hours later, the friends who liked and commented on where you are going today, what you are doing, what you have eaten, others I really don't care so much. How perfect is the image of the circle of friends that you have painstakingly created, in the eyes of others, how trivial the mood is before these trivial releases, and how noble your taste is. However, when you wake up, few people take care of you. Like single digits, not to mention comments, maybe they are all old faces of "reciprocity." Sometimes, you send a circle of friends, and even look forward to someone's concern, maybe after a few seconds you will refresh the circle of friends, to see if that person likes or commented on yourself, but look forward to just looking forward to! The kind of sorrow and joy are not completely connected, your joy may stimulate the grief of others; your sadness may be overwhelmed by the laughter and laughter of others; the achievements you are proud of Newport Cigarettes, the breakthroughs you have made, and the others It may be trivial to come; your heartbroken heartbroken others will not bear with you. People who are close to you will not die for you because of a circle of friends; people who are new to you will not have time to pay attention to your every move Online Cigarettes. You use the circle of friends as a platform to display your personal image. Unfortunately, no matter what you do How delicately you decorate yourself, the degree of interest of others in you does not increase at all. They will not judge you because of the influence of your circle of friends. Even if you show it better, they still define you with real contact and impression. In this world, apart from parents, wives, children, or confidants who have experienced life and death with you Marlboro Gold, few people really care about how you are having dinner. The tableware and chopsticks are arranged unevenly. Can you see the characteristics of the dishes in the photos? Before you send a circle of friends, you must confirm that when you share the article carefully, whether the type of the article is high, how to write the "idea of ??this moment" to avoid vulgarity, often thinking for hours or even days before daring to go to the circle of friends When bombing a tour, you should deliberately locate an address, fearing that others will not know that I went to Northern Europe; when reading a book, you should share a few reading experiences, showing that you are a tasteful intellectual, so you send your circle of friends so hard, just want to create a chic in front of others Generous and romantic, but few people care about my joys and sorrows from beginning to end, and the sense of existence created by painstakingly wiped out the new dynamics. I worked hard to maintain and maintain the face project here, but there was no response there. In the end, I could only find a node with no one and pitifully deleted it. Ugh! Living on the feedback of others, how tired and bleak! So, I resolved not to cater to other people's feelings, not to be dynamic if there is nothing important. No longer spend a few hours or more time to select pictures and edit, don't do it from now on, send a circle of friends, or have nothing to do with Fengyue, don't pay attention to other people's responses, just send it as you like, and ignore it . Or simply don't send it, don't seek a sense of identity in the circle of friends, concentrate your energy on yourself in real life, and really work and live. Move bricks, shovel soil, read books, code words, exercise and fitness, and get rid of the interaction of those eager friends. I finally realized that true happiness does not depend on a few pictures with filters or a section with N descriptions. No disappointment when no one is commenting, and no anger when being commented is rough. Only when you do n��t pay attention to others' eyes, the circle of friends will no longer be a sweet burden. I will now "retreat", learn to dive, and understand the art of directing: "Too!", And no longer like to like or comment on as a touchstone for testing the authenticity of my friends.
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