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My nephew has always lived in the countryside, and later studied in a first- and third-tier city for three years. When he graduated that year, he was undecided to call and ask me where I should work. I thought about answering him and said, it's better to go where you think is most suitable. Later, his mother's trustee found a job for him in Guangzhou, so he went south, like many young people, holding dreams and hopes. The unit where my nephew went was a private enterprise. His main task was to take care of the product packaging on an assembly line in the workshop. It was both tedious and boring. The employees he went to for three or four years have been doing this day by day and mechanically. With the same job. One year later, the nephew finally shk his confidence because he couldn't see the hope Marlboro Cigarettes. Because he was afraid of his mother's criticism, he never went home, but instead found a job selling gds on behalf of others in Hefei. His salary is still meager, and he also tried to change his job, hoping to change his destiny. However, he felt More and more blocked, more and more like duckweed in the water without direction, he told me that he decided to go back to the side where he had nurtured him for 20 years to go to the nephew, like the Emperor Apocalypse of the Ming Dynasty, was born a gd carpenter, in In junior high schl Online Cigarettes, he followed the uncle Tang to learn a gd technique, sometimes even without a teacher. When the cousin was married, he was a freshman, and at the invitation of the cousin, he promised to design a wedding furniture for the cousin. Based on his cousin's "white-collar", young, pursuing fashion, coquettish capable and petty bourgeoisie, he designed a set of furniture that integrates fashion, personalization, and smth lines. It is very ornamental and practical, and uses light Quality, environmentally friendly materials, extremely creative and inspirational, praised by a couple of newcomers and friends. After returning home this time Carton Of Cigarettes, my nephew thought about going back and forth, and felt that he still used his expertise to concentrate on studying the development, characteristics, market, and suitable crowd of fashionable furniture, and to study in developed areas. After returning, self-raised funds and attracted a group of young colleagues to set up a "creative furniture research and development company". Because it meets the needs of contemporary young people, there is a market for creative homes, and the company hits the spot with orders coming in. Since then, his nephew has set his sights on the city. After several years of expansion, his research and development company has expanded into the city and has grown vigorously. And weaknesses, but the strengths are often not continuously developed, strengthened and displayed at the right time and place. On the contrary, if you just keep an eye on your weaknesses, spend time and energy on the weaknesses, hesitate and stagnate, only The best opportunity for development was delayed, and the strengths were not stretched, and the weaknesses were not overcome. We should learn to spend more time on managing our strengths, and if we make our strengths stronger, we will definitely have more and greater income.
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