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he first time I touched "the truth of things", I came from watching "Detective Conan". The phrase "there is only one truth" came into my mind deeply. And many things in reality, just like that cartn, or like a ray of scenery, or like a phantom, are so charming. And many of our eyes are trapped in the beauty, ignoring his inner being, and ignoring the intention to capture to approach the truth. Many uncertainties make it impossible for even the top-level prophets to make accurate predictions of the truth. The film "Minority Report" describes a "predictive criminal institution" composed of three prophets who have survived accidents Parliament Cigarettes. The prophets sometimes have differences in predicting the crime situation, and the correct foreseeable result is just a mere existence Known places are for reference only. No one is perfect, so is the prophet in the face of the truth, let alone ordinary people? However, ordinary people do not give up the pursuit of the truth, and often fall into a whirlpl of thought-what are we going to do? Being in a complex city makes the chasers even more dazzled: people are easily controlled by greed, driven by ambition, and restrained by emotions Newport Cigarettes Coupons. On the surface, people are becoming more and more familiar with "the truth of the matter is invisible only with the eyes", but the skepticism and speculation in the heart are full of people, believing that the Tang Dynasty is gorgeously wrapped, and the back of the sun must be dark. More and more people faced the falling old man with deep eyes, but they flinched because of dissuasion, so that their lives missed the best rescue time and died. People do not believe the facts they see, but are scared by the imaginary truth behind them. The difference between thoughts��angels and devil, so people seem to be chasing clews, the clutters are scattered, and they surround themselves. Simple things are often so complicated that the "truth" becomes more and more difficult to capture. Is it the truth or the mind? Dazzling. "Truth" was imprisoned in his heart, as if invisible. A classic case may have the answer: if a person with the "Symptoms of Stockholm" becomes a hostage for a gangster, he will seek a sense of security from the gangster if the police are unable to rescue him Cigarettes Online. At a critical juncture, the hostages bet on life, betting that there would still be a kind presence in the heart of the gangster, as soft as seaweed. This is the truth. However, we need to use our hearts to realize the truth of this kind of human heart after deviating from common sense. We should not be confused by the appearance of momentary changes. Now we have a question in our minds, and we are puzzled: can we only face the truth? Passive acceptance? Although we will be entangled in the process of searching for the truth, each person is his own god, and may not be able to dominate the present, but you dominate the memory of the past and the fantasy of the future. When responding to the whirlpl from the pursuit of beauty and can't help but doubt, we can use our initiative to make choices, and embrace the world with faith.
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