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Responsibility is the "master's watch" written by Zhuge Kongming "bend all, die after". Responsibility is the storm of public servants established by Kong Fansen leaving his mother's bld on the plateau. Responsibility is that Beethoven's "Symphony of Destiny" now composes his life and surpasses himself. Many children of my age would say that the worst things in life are poverty, frustration, old age, and death. I don't think so, as Mr. Liang Qichao mentioned in "The Worst and Happiest": The hardest thing in life is not to bear a future responsibility on his body. So what is the happiest in life? Maybe my children of the same age will think that they have a lot of money, don't need to write, don't have to go to class, and have mobile phones and computers to play. However, I think that this is just the secondary happiness in life. The real happiness is that the responsibility is done, and it is just as "relieving the burden" and "a stone falls to the ground" mentioned in "The Worst and Happiest" . In today's life, every parent regards his children as the pearl of the palm, holding in his hand is afraid of breaking, holding in his mouth is afraid of becoming scarce; no matter what happens, the parents will do it together and refuse to let Your children have suffered a little bit. Over time, we have seen the word "responsibility" as a cloud. Now you use the word "responsibility" to speak to them, and they may all use their fists to say "responsibility" to them. It is because of them. I do n��t know what responsibility is, I do n��t understand this is the blame about himself, others, and even society and the country. It ��s because I do n��t understand what responsibility is, which led to the current ��campus violence��. Some people take pure desire as happiness, and desire as a prerequisite for happiness, they will be extravagant, think hard, and do whatever it takes to satisfy their desires, such people are actually t tired to live. Because people ��s desires are not fulfilled. The greater the desires Parliament Cigarettes, the more tired they are. Conversely, those who take responsibility as the premise of happiness will be happy everywhere, always happy. Life must be responsible, the greater the responsibility, The greater happiness, the greatest happiness is to fulfill the responsibility, because people can be responsible. The greater the responsibility, the greater the happiness. When we are in the process of fulfilling the responsibility, the depression in our heart does not know what to do. When fulfilling the responsibility, the excitement in my heart is also unparalleled. Responsibility can make us unable to turn around, and it can also make us happy for more years. Mr. Liang Qichao mentioned a lot of powerful persuasive sentences in "The Hardest and Happiest" Cheap Cigarettes. It is a dissertation, selected from "The Collection of Drinking Rm". Mr. Liang Qichao used examples, comparisons, citations and other methods of argument to discuss the question of whether people should avoid or bear in the face of responsibility, telling us that we have not The greatest pain in life, to do our duty is the greatest happiness in life. Why do we study this article in middle schl? I think it is to cultivate our new generation of responsible psychology, let us understand the relationship between responsible and irresponsible, let us in the future To become a responsible and qualified member of society. Let us be a responsible youth now, maybe we did n��t understand it before What is it. But I believe that after learning "The Worst and Happiest" Cigarettes For Sale, we will have some feelings, feel the "worst" and "happiest" in life, feel the sense of responsibility and responsible joy, and wish all our children have With such a heart, responsibility has grown there since childhd. May all of us carry the heart of responsibility on the path of life and let people emit a faint, golden light.

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