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Strolling under the maple forest, watching the bld-stained maple leaves fall, the air seems to be permeated with sorrow. I seem to feel the voice of Mr. Lu Xun. In his numerous works, "Scream" is famous The masterpiece is the literary status of the outstanding "Diary of a Madman" in the famous Chinese works. It is unnecessary to say much. It is the first vernacular novel in modern China. The method shows the rotten social style left over after thousands of years of feudal rule in China. Therefore, this is a gd article that is worth reading and pondering deeply. Have you ever remembered that Kong Yiji who was so destitute? "Briefing his misfortune and angering him" is the most perfect portrayal of Kong Yiji. At that time, how many scholars like Kong Yiji attacked bitterly? The ridicule and sarcasm of Kong Yiji by the masses made me feel the phenomenon of wart ravages in the society at that time, and Mr. Lu Xun used the pen and fireworks to strengthen his belief in patriotism and home. Jiangnan has a famous water town called Lu Town. Convenient here. Youthful pictures such as boat trips on the summer night, watching the boat at the bow, and sailing under the mn, such as Lu Xun's childhd innocence, a childlike water village life, the simple and kind and superstitious backwardness of the working people in Luzhen My thoughts made me feel lost, and I couldn't help sighing the darkness of the society at that time. "Scream" revolves around Lu Xun's belief of "crossing his eyebrows coldly and pointing at a thousand husbands, and bowing his head to be a bullock." In "Medicine", he praises the revolutionary spirit of the revolutionary Xia Yu; the heroic character of "Tomorrow" wants to escape reality Helplessness; "A Little Thing" reflected the ant mole rot of the society through ordinary little things; the survival and competition in the society Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the phenomenon of weak meat and strong fd was intensive in "The Comedy of the Ducks"; "Hometown" was after Lu Xun left his hometown. The first time I came to my hometown, I could not help but write down the sad and dreary but hopeful real emotion. Lu Xun left it to future generations. It was his enthusiasm that "I miss Han Xingquan, I recommend Xuanyuan in my bld." Is precious spiritual wealth. In Lu Xun's writings, although Kong Yiji was shabby, but he was also a stupid reader. Kong Yiji was lazy and indifferent in nature. He deceived himself and lked at his high heart, which made him sad and miserable. . The Chinese people have a long history, and since ancient times there has been no shortage of scholars and scholars. We cannot demand Kong Yiji to be as compassionate and sympathetic to the world as Du Fu, like Fan Zhongyan's "worries and sorrows before the world, joy and happiness after the world". But the most basic self-esteem, self-love, and hard-working spirit could not be found in him. Mr. Lu Xun wants to tell the young people that "you must pay attention to 'doing', not empty words'." We can start with small things and be a qualified middle schl student who complies with schl discipline and rules Parliament Cigarettes. Study hard, work hard, and respect teachers. Road. From tomorrow on, he will care about national affairs and world affairs, with a patriotic heart. From tomorrow on, I will care for each of my loved ones and tell them that my heart is in the dark. The care given to me by that country, I will tell everyone. Give each tree and flower a warm name. Strangers, I also bless you, I hope you have a bright future. China, I also wish you prosperity and prosperity, and I wish you a gd reputation in the world. I only wish to guard you silently and dedicate you, my country, my motherland. The wind blew "Hula hula", the maple leaves were still falling, and I lked up at the sky, and the blue sky remained. Only a few sporadic dark clouds came from time to time, covering the brilliant sun Wholesale Cigarettes, just like a layer of mist covering the takeoff The dragon has lost its direction. The maple leaves fell on the broad ground. The sun has come out. The sun is shining on the ground. It is Mr. Lu Xun's sincerity and patriotism!

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