Children by the water,

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Children by the water, how are you doing? I remember your faint cking smoke, the clear streams and rivers, and the layers of mountains and forests that set up a simple childhd. Do you remember that the village heads and greedy people greeted you and the students traveling on the stone bridge laughed with you. Spring breeze, summer, the sun caresses the river, you can hear the call of grandma-oh! Eh! Go home for dinner! You remember, the girl in the village had a hot temper and did not shrink back or be timid in the face of strong forces. She was full of hope for learning, and after getting a writing brush, she devoted herself to learning. She yearns for the outside world and wants more and more to know her classmates about her "crazy!" "Isn't she?" So when a writing brush is thrown into the water, she will make her always strong cry. You remember, the boy in the village was proud. Rely on his family business to bully and bully the weak. Later, his family business was ruined, and the arrogant boy was hit hard. Ironically, the younger brother who had followed him suddenly became rich. After experiencing degeneration and autism Marlboro Cigarettes, he began to shift his focus from playing to learning. Admitted to key middle schls. He is growing up. I think you already remember it. The projector shakes the projector. You and your friends sit around the wall and watch the movie happily; sitting on the small bench and shaking the leaf fan, the fan scratches and sends out " The voice of "Kara Kara" ... the girl and the boy became classmates in key middle schls. Then you also remember this story, the innocent dialogue between teenagers and girls, the lives and dreams of rural children, woven together, and turned into a childhd in the 1970s as pure as black and white movies, as if everyone's heart, There is a section of such memories, faint and misty, but extremely clear, making people lightly nostalgic and sad. I always remember the vicissitudes of stone roads in front of my home. The red couplets are inked with black ink brushes. The kitchen is in the brick building opposite. I always cross the threshold several times when I am serving. The fragrance permeated the whole lane. ����Or a brick house that stands up on the mud. On the side is a chicken pen and pigsty. You can walk in two steps, run through a small pond, run through the green weeds Wholesale Cigarettes, and run through the tweet. The old cow came to the tree to pick mulberries and eat. The hands were full of color Marlboro Red. With a gentle wind, he wiped his hands with soft tender leaves. When the sun climbed over his head, a shout came from a distance Sound, the sound is not loud, "Dine! Don't play anymore!-" Hurry up and run home. The memories are full of gdness, but who can give the children in the village real beauty? The children in the village also have their laughter and their tears. They also have potential and energy on their bodies. Both the children in the village and the children by the water are children who need help and care. Children by the water, may there always be an upward seed in your heart, even if no one can help you, you can break through the land and take rt through your experience, and you will be a bright flower with petals The color is a miracle red. May we all be by the water
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