The Teng green mountain immediately leaves den

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So-called heart method.
In fact the square one is to absorb the Na world spiritual influence conversion for inside strength, then, inside strength combine'absolute being'conversion is inborn true dollar.In the pubic region, from falsely Dan, slowly the self-discipline arrives'solid Dan', finally attain'gold Dan'!
To Teng green mountain, 《You month gun Dian 》 also the last, falsely Dan, solid Dan and gold the conversion process of the Dan Be worth studying.
Certainly, the insight of those elder generations realizes, more important!
"Do not learn?"The various Ge dollar Hong is also a super strong, understand the meaning of Teng green mountain, " doesn't learn or not!This problem isn't big.Just ……why do you want to eat Zhu Guo?Intensely hot characteristic, than You cold ice cold characteristic, good?"
"Teacher, I research 《 very hot fire gun Jue 》, create 《 very hot fire five types 》, at present, in the research will 《s very hot fire five types 》blend to a, change into only a to recruit marksmanship!The pupil thinks that this recruits and use the true dollar of intensely hot characteristic inborn displays, the power is larger."The Teng green mountain says.
Various Ge dollar Hong surprised Cha:"《 Very hot fire five typeses 》 again fusion for a recruit?"
"Like, good!"Various Ge dollar Hong exclamation way, "yours 《 very hot fire five typeses 》 , is although the teacher has never seen.Can also listen to hope Hong, he once said, you only depended two to recruit, defeated heavy lord in door in the sword door department Ma Feng."With various Ge dollar the real strenght of the Hong, he completely can imagine the power of one very hot fire five types.
This kind of badly recruit type, also want to dismantle a solution to blend a recruit!
Be various Ge dollar Hong, ask myself, don't count year, afraid also difficult attain.
"Is very good!Green mountain in"various Ge dollar Hong way, " you then look for that fruit!"
"Dare to ask teacher, where does this fruit have?"The Teng green mountain inquiry way.
Various Ge dollar Hong close behind way:"Zhu Guo, keep time than the purple ice heart shorter.Even if after picking, put in the jade box, 15 also start to be putrefied!I estimate to have no which religious sect have stock.So, have to get to pick, as I see it, wild win in the south, pour is have Zhu Guo!"
"The Huang of the south?"The Teng green mountain produces one interest in the silk.
South pretty, south Huang, wild …this a few words, the representative's same place, one lets many martials talk of the color change of place.
"H'm, that fruit growth, thorough wild probably 800 many inside ground!That place, Zhu Guo has a lot.Pick certainly also hardest."The various Ge dollar Hong says, " now, you go to Wu Ge and seek force elder to look for a wild map.To, take 2 book concerning working properly fruit demon monster again."Various Ge dollar Hong order way.
"BE, teacher."
The Teng green mountain immediately leaves den.
Outside of rain remain continuously rain, the algidity rushes toward noodles since then and supports an umbrella to run about in the whole world, the Teng green mountain rushes through into that force Ge.
Tea effort, the Teng green mountain puts an umbrella outside the den door, and then follows den.
"Give me the wild map."Various Ge dollar Hong order way.
"BE, teacher."
The Teng green mountain takes out a thick parchment piece for folding.The various Ge dollar Hong connects later on and completely launch to spread at in the den ground.This wild map completely launches and grows about four Chinese feet(one meter), the breadth is about two Chinese feet(half rice), and the top drew a lot of locations in detail.However, this map is to introduce wild parts of districts just.
"Green mountain, this wild map, the introduction goes deep into wild 2,000 many inside of probably geography."The various Ge dollar Hong takes out Chinese brush-pen, therein at 1:00 up drew a turn, " is here, call'iron arm monkey mountain', is wild medium have'Zhu Guo'of a place."
After marking finishes, the various Ge dollar Hong folds map to pass to the Teng green mountain again so much.
"Green mountain!In this iron arm monkey mountain, it is famous to is this demon monster'iron arm monkey'.The iron arm monkey list real strenght doesn't calculate strong, far not equal to'red scale monster', can even if isn't strong, it is also demon monster, about have 《ground placard 》 superior's real strenght, most important of BE, in this monkey mountain, iron arm monkey has a big cluster of!"The various Ge dollar Hong says.
The Teng green mountain is dark surprised.

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