The human body is strange through eight veins, 12 serious

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See a Teng green mountain facial expression, he is then understand, smile to say in detail, "increment inside strength, expand the pubic region to the world of extreme limit to work properly a fruit.Have been already known of there are 6 kinds.Be like purple ice heart, bamb stanza to work properly fruit, and Zhu Guo...etc., all of these 6 kinds is inside the increment vigorously, work properly a fruit in the world in, belong to general.You eat of and how can it possibly be to reform blood vessels, be preciously work properly a fruit."
The Teng green mountain is dark surprised.
Is old sky of, unexpectedly have the working properly of strength in six kinds of increment fruit, these nine state the earths are much more miraculous than the previous incarnation.
"Certainly, these are six kinds of to work properly a fruit, the effect also slightly has a dissimilarity!For example purple ice heart, after you eat bottom, the pubic region attains extreme limit, but at the same time, inside the strength will also be subjected to influence and contain ice chill spirit."The various Ge dollar Hong says in detail, " but Zhu Guo, you after eating the bottom will make inside strength, contain intensely hot quick temper!"
Speaking of this, the various Ge dollar Hong then smiled:"Certainly, you are strong now the day after tomorrow, inside strength have no intensely hot, cold etc. is many distinct, eat what, all go.But, once eating, hereafter attain inborn, the method of self-discipline inborn true dollar, have to work properly fruit characteristic with that similar."
The Teng green mountain eyebrows wrinkles up.
Almost all martials, inside strength all similar, there is no color, also have no hot cold etc. differentiation.
However, after attaining inborn, inborn the true dollar will have a color!Such as that'ghost fox'department Ma Qing, the inborn true dollar is gray.The method of one person self-discipline is different, will contain a different characteristic the true dollar of inborn.Is like the method of《You month gun Dian 》 , after attaining extreme achievement, should contain cold characteristic of cold ice of You.
"Green mountain, you want self-discipline 《 You month gun Dian 》of, so, the inborn true dollar will contain ice cold characteristic in the future, you had better, look for'purple ice heart'.Eat purple ice heart, will also make you later inborn true dollar the algidity win more, the power is larger!However want to seek this purple ice heart, also very difficult, estimate that the nothing important religious sect contains stock."
"Look for purple ice heart, needed you to once wear nine state the earths, all the way to the north, arrive that northern steppe, again once wore steppe, go to the North Sea ……in the North Sea, just have already hoped to find out purple ice heart!Purple ice heart once picking, not edible will become water in January.This is also why, scarcely the religious sect contains the cause of stock."
Some fruit etc. thing, over a long period of time put will be putrefied.
And these work properly a fruit to pick difficulties all very high, so, generally wait a demand, the religious sect would cost to devote major efforts to annoy to pick.
"From my Yang state, go to the North Sea, the journey is faraway ……" various Ge dollar the Hong words still say.
The Teng green mountain listens to but shakes head:"Teacher, I don't need'purple ice heart', I want to take that fruit!"
"Zhu Guo?"Various Ge dollar Hong the surprised Cha looking at a Teng green mountain, " green mountain, that fruit is to contain intensely hot characteristic, aren't you the self-discipline 《You month gun Dian 》 ?《You month gun Dian 》 does the inborn of true dollar, is a cold attribute.You eat Zhu Guo again, cold heat with each other Dou, have no an advantage to you."
"Teacher!"The Teng green mountain connects a way, " 《You month gun Dian 》 , I also just draw lessons from.Draw lessons from inside the pubic region'falsely Dan'attain'solid Dan''gold Dan'of method.As for the method of operation inside the blood vessels, I can't learn."
The human body is strange through eight veins, 12 serious.
Because is a strong inborn, not t may be all to all break through as well.And, costs a great deal of time with it to break through all blood vesselses, the also rather specialized self-discipline is a few blood vesselses.Specialize in this a few blood vesselses, can make this a few blood vesselses change the breadth become lucid.For example specialize in'cold and damp'attribute blood vessels.
That later inborn true dollar, will also contain a cold and damp attribute.
Can the Teng green mountain is different!

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