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I ignite the fire, and immediately feel that the fragrance is completely different from the usual high-strength fragrance Cigarettes For Sale. It is a refreshing and mellow type. The smoke is spit out as usual, but the faint fragrance lingers in the mouth; then take a second sip and inhale slowly Inhale the smoke, make the smoke linger in the mouth for a while and then exhale through the nasal cavity. You can feel the fragrance of the tobacco leaves slowly and relaxing, soft and smooth, sweet and pure, and there is no burning irritation in the nasal cavity at this time; continue to third Take a bit fierce mouth, take two deep breaths. As soon as the increased amount of smoke enters the throat, it enters the lungs strongly. The impact is full, the long sweet fragrance makes the fluid under the tongue, the fragrance of tobacco overflows, delicate and elegant, and the satisfaction is very in place. The rich and mellow smoke fragrance combined with the sleek and sweet taste makes it extremely pleasant to smoke. A few more consecutive sips cycle alternately, and I feel that the smoke is thick but not strong, mellow but not stagnant, sweet and pleasant, and the grouping is also quite good, there is no feeling of choking, the aftertaste is clean, the aroma is pure; the second half of the smoke is still smooth, No obvious odors, pure throat, natural. The cigarette burns transparently, the resistance is small when inhaling, the burning speed is slightly faster, the soot is fine and gray, there is a slight ash explosion, and the cigarette spontaneously burns for more than eight minutes. Personally, I feel that it tastes much better than "" fine support. " Ignite, do not pinch and pop the beads: the aroma is mainly the tobacco aroma, without obvious external aroma. The smoke concentration is quite adequate, and the texture is slightly frizzy. The irritation is moderate, slightly dry Carton Of Cigarettes, and the moisturizing feeling in the middle and late stages is improved; squeeze burst: the bursting beads have a moderate compression strength, and they will burst with one pinch. An overbearing cool smell hits, accompanied by a comfortable fruity rhyme. The cooling taste in the mouth is acceptable and the taste is good. The cool smell in the nasal cavity is revealed, spreads outward, nasal irritation increases, and the intensity of fruit rhyme is in the middle Newport 100S. The magic is t strong, and it has a strong suppressing force on the fragrance of smoke. Cigarettes are grayish white with more cracks, the overall ash column is fairly complete, and the carbon line is narrow.
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Marlboro Cigarettes


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