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When I click on it, the first puff of smoke enters the mouth softly, a faint olive fragrance, I can't believe it is the style of Gan, lacking the "direct" flavor transmission, but a smooth, fresh, slow sweet and pleasant to the mouth The expectation is that this kind of olive fragrance controls the "resolution" of the mouth. It's really out of the impression, it's similar to the mid-to-high-end tobacco products in the Jiangxi series, but it is quite different. If it tests the taste organs in my mouth, and asks me to say one, two, three, the feeling of this entrance is t biased towards the new era of cloud, but it is just a refined version of the new era. The smoke flavor is passed to the middle of the tongue, and the unique olive flavor is scented; the tobacco flavor that combines tobacco leaf and formula is transmitted, soft and mellow, and blooms clearly in the lip cavity and slightly sweet. The sweetness is delicate and layered, from shallow to pure, from pure to light and thick, the smell of smoke is almost plump and slightly down. The rich fragrance is really neutral. The smoke is rich but not explosive, it is really filled in the mouth, there is no noise attack, and the aroma is close to abundant. Entering the throat continuously, it hits hard like a dragonfly in water, swallowing with a slight heat, and there is almost no irritation in the throat. It is a real and actual mid-range cigarette swallowing process. The smoke entering the lungs is also considered real Newport Cigarettes Coupons, which can start the power of the circulatory system, but the space for refilling the airflow is not small. Yanjin exists calmly, and it must be said that it is a good smoke for people nearby. In the second puff, after the smoke is inhaled, the impact of the smoke smell is still high, the smoke smell is mellow Marlboro Red, rich and dense, the mouth feels very comfortable, and the purity of the smoke smell is high. This is estimated to be due to high technology The filter tip melts the fragrance to pass. The mouthful of faint olive smoke smell, it is solid and comfortable, the aftertaste is clean! Pure and delicate feeling, after purification and upgrading, it is only one level worse than the herbal fragrance, and the sweetness is a little softer, and the smoke smells before it settles down. It is still a rise in fine stocks, very layered. The smoke is almost saturated, tightly occupying the scale of the mouth, the density of the aroma is very high, and the light and thick layering of the aroma clearly depicts the popularity of fruity aroma. It is sweet, light, thick and not greasy, and it feels a little bit more than the first bite. The heat is not strong and can be felt. The swallowing is still so continuous, and the feeling of stimulation is not great. It is expected that a 10MG cigarette can achieve this. When it is down to the lungs, the smoke changes little, but it is enjoyable, and there is already a sense of satisfaction in smoking. Yanjinzhongping is still suitable for fans of small cigarettes, and the old guns may not feel happy. In the third mouth, the mellow and softness of the smoke taste is strengthened, and the smoke taste is still rich and catchy. It does not gradually thicken because of its lightness and thickness, the purity remains very good, and the mellow taste gradually thickens and sinks. There is also low heat, but the taste is still very clean and comfortable, which is quite catchy. The smoke rises in the sub-saturated condition, the aroma is very stable and the density is very high. Sweetness is still progressive. The noise is slightly increased. The state of the smoke from the swallow is almost the same as at the beginning. It is slippery and irritated when it enters the throat. After swallowing, the smoke is almost sub-saturated. The whole cycle is unobstructed, and the "idea" that basically satisfies the needs of smoking, the smoke strength is still so moderate and obvious, and part of the feeling of fulfillment is missing. Without resting, write to the end in one go. In the middle of the cigarette, the smoke smell does not fluctuate much, and the mellow and thick smoke smell echoes in the mouth. The delicate olive taste and the sweet mouth feel are very real, which is different from Chunjing and Xuanhemen, which are full of sweet lips. The smell of smoke is still so rich and misty, and the purity is as high and comfortable. There is no "qualitative change" due to combustion. The smoke is almost saturated, and I don't feel much or less in my mouth. The feeling of comfort continued. The fragrance is full of wings, and evenly echoes the true color of the heavy and light fragrance. The noise has increased a bit, but the comfort of swallowing still depicts the neat process of the high-tech concept of “moisturizing, soft and clean”. Hui Tian still has a slight throat, except for the slippery, I feel that the words of the description are dry. When it enters the lungs, the smoke is almost saturated, and it feels like swallowing. There are tricks that can meet the needs of smoking. The strength of the smoke is also controlled and eye-catching Cigarettes Online. It is almost the same as the beginning. Smoke for satisfaction and swallow for comfort. I can only say that it is an easy-to-mouth cigarette.
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