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The first daughter says:"The Yan flies a Sir, at negotiate formal beginning before, I want to speak a few lines sincere talk.You just also knew, we the rice country didn't think the dreamlike island died a tragic death for enemy, we aring also calculated by the other people, woulding with you dreamlike occurrence misunderstanding in the island, resulting in gentle and soft young lady of with you.All these all of this is that backstage manipulator plans, his purpose is to allow our both parties to take place war, his hiding so much is secretly making profit, you can must not fall into trap!"
The Yan flies to say chillily:"That backstage manipulator is surely damned, you rice country also not is what good bird.If isn't that your rice country is t greed, wants to acquire our huge sum of wealth of dreamlike island, how may fall into trap again, be made use of?
The first daughter says:"The Yan flies a Sir, this must be the misunderstanding, we rice country is absolutely can't intentionally and the dreamlike island is an enemy.And that backstage manipulator strives for very big, we definitely not the ability is mutual to kill brutally, otherwise really have already won accounting of the other party to strive for."
The Yan flies to ironically looking at the other party and says:"So you came to say to see, we how do just can make the backstage manipulator secretly make profit?"
The first daughter says:"I feel the in-fighting that our both parties should end war status right away, stop didn'ting meaning, then both parties share intelligence report and carry on the exchanges of deep time and only have so, then we can get rid of a misunderstanding, so as to crack the huge threat that the backstage manipulator brings us."
The Yan flies to say:"You rice country how want to end and we the war of of dreamlike island?"
The first daughter says:"This war beats till now, although you the dreamlike island temporarily occupy breeze,this is our rice country don't want dreamlike island residents who hurt the innocence, don't use with all strength of reason, we rice country's still having a lot of cutthroat Maos haven't used.Otherwise of words, you this military force root in dreamlike island isn't qualified, early drive we the rice country vanquished.So you the dreamlike island compensate our rice country of loss, so our both parties can turn the weapons of war as jade and silk and stopped this false war."
The Yan flies to sneer at 1 and says:"You how much indemnification does the rice country want?"
The first daughter says:"Because time is t short, we rice country the concrete loss haven't completely computed.But how there is also above USD 1,=00,000,000 again.So you the dreamlike island compensate our rice country USD 1,=00,000,000, and open product authorization to our high-tech business enterprises, we can end this war, how do you feel?"
Yan's flying is annoyed smiled out, he said:"Absolutely is absurd, you the rice country crave for us a huge sum of wealth of dreamlike island, make moves to kill by explosion my lover, do you incredibly want us to compensate your loss?"
Then the Yan fly facial expression to become icy cold matchless and say:"If want to end the war of of dreamlike island and rice country, you have to satisfy two of our basic conditions.The first basic condition is:You rice country the old president have to apologize to dreamlike island in person and admit his mistake, then resign for the blame, is a rice country to kill by explosion gentle and soft punishment under his leadership."
The first daughter means a different idea right away:"My father was cheated by the backstage manipulator, he was also a victim, he isn't likely to apologize to dreamlike island of, also is not likely to resign Xie Zui."
The Yan flies to say chillily:"Please remember 1:00, I ain't to request you, but your rice country has to attain this, and otherwise our wars can't stop."
The first daughter has never thought Yan to fly incredibly thus of tough, her mouth moved for a while, end but don't speak.
The Yan flies to continue to say:"The second basic condition is your rice country the dreamlike island do economic indemnification to us, most for to kill by explosion gentle and soft indemnification.H'm ……you just said the loss of rice country more than USD 1,=00,000,000, so you the rice country compensates us dreamlike USD 1,=00,000,000 in the island!This indemnification penny money also not the ability is little, have to pay right away by cash."
Saying of first daughter disaffection:"This how may?We the rice country be made a surprise attack by you, have already miserably lost to weigh, so should be your dreamlike island to compensate our loss, we how may the rice country compensate you?"
The Yan flies hands 1 and says:"See have no a necessity to carry on to the negotiation waiting for a second, because we exist the rift of root.Lead again for three hours, 24 hours of cease-fire time will end, we are each with the skill, kill to faint for a day when the time comes a ground of dark!"
In fact the Yan flies not to want to carry on a negotiation with rice country, according to the true viewpoint of his heart, he wants with rice country war throughout, until demolish a rice country thoroughly.Only so, can dissolve the old grudge in his heart, can truely revenge for gentleness.
But the Yan flies heart in also understand, the dreamlike island in nowadays even if plus unmanned machine to divide time, on the military real strenght and the rice country still exist a huge margin, although the dreamlike island occupies breeze,have no the real strenght that the rice country thoroughly demolish.Want to know the rice the people controls to rank secondary nuclear weapon database in the world in hand, those more than 6,000 nuclear weapon machines once shooting, even the Earths can demolish and said nothing of an only dreamlike island.
Rice country now of so can not shoot nuclear weapon machine to attackstone a dreamlike island, mainly is because the dreamlike island compete first begins and destroys their satellite networks, it makes the inter-continental guided missile of rice the people lose a quasi- head, can not in the clout north to Pacific Ocean and up conceal in the dreamlike island in a waste of water.The Yan flew to make two nuclear weapon machine explosion at the same time, skillful of construct the appearance that a dreamlike island owns nuclear weapon machine, the rice country worries to perish together with dreamlike island, so just have never used nuclear weapon machine to attackstone a dreamlike island.
To know that nuclear weapon machine isn't an inter-continental guided missile to only is a kind of blast-off method it still has a lot of other blast-off methods.Once the rice the people ignores regardless of use nuclear weapon machine, always have way to attackstone dreamlike island.
Plus the Yan fly and discover to still stand after this affair a mysterious backstage manipulator, this backstage manipulator is good at concealing scheme in the accident, the Yan flies not and clearly a backstage manipulator to exactly want to reach what purpose, so canning not judge this backstage manipulator at all will can't leak the cards in the hand of dreamlike island to the rice the people to know.If the rice the people knows that the dreamlike island has already didn't nuclear weapon machined, Yan's flying is making a deceptive show of strength, perhaps will shoot a great deal of nuclear weapon machine to thoroughly demolish a dreamlike island.
The artificial intelligence"fantasy" of the dreamlike island has already controled the charged barbed wire net system of rice country, merges into the network system of invading the rice country and looks the nuclear weapon machine of controling the rice country.But actually rice army square of the network is opposite independent, nuclear weapon database also has being some completely didn't and the external world connect with each other of independent charged barbed wire net, so is "dreamlike" don't control the nuclear weapon machine of rice country at all.
Want ~only old president's an order of rice country, these nuclear weapon machines can still keep shooting to go out.Just because the communication of rice country is being placed in unprecedented disorder now, a lot of key informations can not be delivered to go out, rice country old president and key figures by themselves the actual circumstance of not clearly national nuclear weapon machine, would be flown by the Yan to threaten.
Once the rice the people really shoots nuclear weapon machine to the dreamlike island, even if the orbit electromagnetism of the dreamlike island cannon defense the system can intercept these inter-continental guided missiles outside 1,000 kilometers, can not also attain to guarantee complete success.As long as in the process of intercepting in a D happen to order an accident, intercept the circumstance of failure for the possible emergence, will appear irretrievable huge loss.Predict with the miraculous ability of backstage manipulator, a little small mistake happens to the defense system of dreamlike island in the turning point is completely can accomplish, but this small mistake is fatal to dreamlike island.

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