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The first daughter says:"My father also very the oddness is this affair, so he lets the on-line gene pool that people mention on the letter paper carry on to search, but surprisedly discovers, that on-line gene pool appeared a data to disorder, without any reason without cause many a rightness of men and women's gene, but their gene and gentle and soft gene completely fit together, they should be a gentle and soft natural parent."
"But when my father carries on searching, that on-line gene database resumed normal, then and the gentle and soft gene agree with to match of that to the men and women's data mysterious disappearance.Immediately after my father starts carrying on to check to seek in the emigrant information of rice western calendar year, didn't also find out these two people's any informations.Is also say, these two people aren't in the rice country, they are very probably basically nonexistent."
Six Ping pings are surprise very much, say:"Your meaning is to say, gentle and soft natural parent suddenly appear a root online is a trap, they just lead gentleness to the bait of rice country.After this scheme complete, they disappear to be missing ……"
After discovering to after death stand a backstage manipulator, the Yan flies heart in have already prepared feeling, the gentle and soft natural parent appears in this time not very normal, but have never thought this affair root is false of, their sudden emergence just for leading gentleness to rice country.Then make an accident to let the gentleness die the hand is at the rice the people in, let dreamlike island and rice country be placed in war status.The regrettable rice country network has already completely paralyzed now, the Yan flies even if want over there and Be in the on-line gene database carry on checking to seek also impossibly, however be greatly likely to be information that cans not finds gentle and soft natural parent any further very much.
Then the Yan fly a bit sad, the gentle and soft wishes is the natural parent that sees own for a while, but have never thought will be held tight weakness, cheated a rice country with disinformation, then was killed by explosion by the bomb of rice the people.Gentleness until die, have never seen own natural parent, it was the human life affair that painfully sad most to calculate up.Gentleness estimates after dying that her natural parent can't appear any further, they is who will is a riddle regiment forever.
The first daughter says:"BE discovering that someone is after calculating us rice country, my father transfers a target right away, want gentle and soft foster father mother's secret protection, pass them to find out gentleness drive the true facts for killing.But wait while arriving to gentle and soft foster father mother's house, but we discover them aring mysterious to disappear, who don't know where they went as well ……"
The Yan flies one certificate, he has been knowing gentleness at rice stateowned to her good foster father mother, but hasn't been once seeing them.Oddness of BE, gentleness also have no excessive lift them, and the Yan fly neglecting of subconscious their existence also, he even has never once thoughted of to send a person to collect their background circumstances.Fly to the Yan to say, they are like nonexistent and similar, if isn't first daughter's reminding, Yan's flying still can't realize their existence.
Thought of here, the Yan flies heart in discover a not reasonable place.The Yan flies to like gentle and soft, so he will also value to keep gentleness to big foster father a mother naturally, and the Yan flies parents to both die, he should hope earnestly the existence of integrity family more.So say according to the convention, the Yan flies the foster father mother who should early contact the last gentleness, and receive they, the dreamlike island comes up.But the Yan flies complete don't do like this, he even all didn't know who gentle and soft foster father mother is, this isn't very normal.
Then the Yan fly and then start introspecting, oneself why will neglect this the count for much affair is to him.Should can't appear with his intelligence quotient circumstance thus huge loophole, so exactly is what at obstruct he approaches a gentle and soft foster father mother, and neglecting of subconscious their existence?
Still have, gentleness why hardly lift her foster father mother, even don't lift foster father the mother receive a dreamlike island, but do the expectation and own natural parent meet?In this a moment, the Yan flies brain in full is a question, unfortunately gentle and soft be killed by explosion by the rice the people, the Yan flies even if want inquiry, also could not found to inquire object ……
First daughter's lookinging at is lost in thought the medium Yan fly, the small voice says:"The Yan flies a Sir and sees from the intelligence report that we collected, the gentle and soft background is very mysterious.Although she wasn't checked to contain obvious problem,we all feel that she is very suspicious.We think that her approaching you are to have a purpose, you very probably drive she to cheat."
The Yan flies great anger, malicious malicious on striking table, strike the whole table smash, will the first daughter got a fright.He says chillily:"I am as deep as gentle and soft feelings, each other can pay an everything for the other party, so you don't want the relation that attempts to provoke us.I this forgives you, if you dare to also say so next time, even if you are a rice country first daughter, I also want to make you could not walk a dreamlike island."
Saw from the evidence in nowadays, the gentleness should was that backstage manipulator to use to deal with a pawn that the Yan flies.But the Yan flies so many in the last yearses and gentleness together and completely felt a gentleness to his sincerely, they sincerely love each other.Have ability to conceal with the backstage manipulator the whole schemes can see in the nature, even if is gentle and soft really is a pawn, she also isn't likely to know the inside story of inside, the Yan flies and gentle and soft feelings is absolutely true, this feelings allows of no anyone's doubting and sullies, so the Yan flies would be thus great anger.
Six Ping pings of flank but think morely, from the talking of first daughter can see, the rice country's old president prepares excrement basin the son buttons up on the gentle and soft head and sully a gentleness near Yan's flying is to have a purpose and lend this downplay the gentleness flies in the Yan heart in of position.By so doing, even if the rice country really kills by explosion a gentleness, they can also think a way to dissolve to resent with the enemy that Yan fly, then lend the machine the counter for putting forward two countries to peaceably negotiate, let the rice country get away from the war that can not win by lowest price.Just the rice the people basically doesn't know that the gentleness flies the position in the heart in the Yan, so would use this Sun to recruit.If isn't such, six Ping pings at the beginning can't choose to withdraw, either and help Yan to fly and gentleness ……
One daughter once the facial expression change, she this just discovers that she's father's plan appeared deviation, the Yan flies and gentle and soft feelings basically isn't what her few words can can falter, on the contrary aroused bad impression that the Yan flies.Words like this, wanting to quell the war of rice country and dreamlike island will become very difficult.
The Yan flies facial expression to become cold and says:"You killed by explosion a gentleness, her body's where?"
Some tremble with fears of first daughter scaredly say:"The bomb power that that f-15 throws down is huge, that bomb at the right moment nearby explodes in the gentleness again, so gentleness already powder body ground bone, our after the event basically didn't find out her body.However we have already collected some keepsakes of gentleness and render unto it to you now!"
The first daughter opens a bag of foot, from in take out two transparent plastics bags, in an among those plasticses bag what to pack is be dressed in on the gentle and soft body of raggedly be stained with the clothes of full blood stain.The second ring in then a silver white that pack in transparent plastics bag, this ring is a Yan to at the beginning fly to send to gentle and soft, he still just ring up engraved a row of characters:"Is grey-haired don't separate, love your husband-Yan to fly".
At this time ring up of engrave a word still just, but wear the person of this ring already not at.But this ring become to distort under the huge power of the bomb and up be still stained with full the blood of gentle and soft dried up ……
The Yan flies to open the second plastics bag, will that drive deep-fried distort of the ring take out and hold center of palm, feels a top the gentleness once left of temperature.In this a moment, the Yan flies heart,such as knife, to wring, he not only hates bitterly rice the people, but also hates bitterly that backstage manipulator.Originally he will and gentleness get married, he even all has already had his own kid, but now gentleness die, his have nothing at all.Even if he owns in the world again how, there is no gentleness, these have no meaning to him!

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