We are actually passers

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We are actually passers-by who are not familiar with each other Cheap Cigarettes, that is, a smile. They, in my heart, planted a tough, tenacious seed, leaving behind the back of the sun that helped me to the sunset, and I was moved by it for a long time. - Inscription at dusk, it is the sunset, the sky is full of clouds, and occasionally a few white birds pass lightly, the community is quiet and warm. I walked leisurely on the central avenue of the community, and suddenly heard a sharp gasping and messy ftsteps behind me. Lking back, I stumbled - a mother holding a boy who was so crked. The boy is about ten years old, his sweaty beads are shining, his legs are limping in unison, and his arms are waving involuntarily, as if they want to catch something, but they can't catch anything. The mother on the side was plain, and the face was prematurely printed with the weather of the years, with a red face and a layer of fine sweat. In the face of strange eyes, she turned a blind eye and tried to help her children. She just kept talking to her son whisperingly, probably encouraging. The two people walked back and forth like this. Maybe he is a leg folded? My heart is full of doubts. Later, I found that they often came here to walk in a crked way, and were surprised to find that the boy��s expression was dull, and with the neighbor��s finger pointing, I finally realized a sad fact: he was a brain For a while, the little boy brought a bright red scarf, and the fat face was rosy. Although it was still like that, it lked much happier. Every time I passed by him, I couldn��t help but lk at her mother. That is how a thin mother, raising a child like this, must have spent several times more energy than others. However, she has no grievances, smiles, encouragement, and persistence in her clear voice. What a strong and open-minded mother! It was another dusk. I flew a kite in the community and ran the kite to the sky. The children were cheering. As sn as I turned around, I saw the boy��s envy of the longing eyes. A sour feeling is born in my heart: "Give! Give it to you, you must do it!" I put the thread into the boy's hand Marlboro Cigarettes. The little boy��s eyes quickly turned red, and she tried to hold back and gently said to the boy, ��Thank you, my sister!�� and gently held my hand. The boy hurriedly walked happily with the kite line, laughing happily, and the sweaty beads shining in the setting sun. I cast a encouraging eye on the boy and said to him loudly: "Come on!" Mom smiled gratefully at me. They are still so crked. For the boy, the road to life is really hard, but with the mother's love Cigarettes For Sale, he is so lucky. Oh, I feel that I am also very fortunate. I can witness such a maternal love, a strong and up-to-date, ordinary and great motherly love. I stare at their backs. In front of me, it is a beautiful sunset, a big river sparkling, slowly Rogue. The afterglow of the setting sun shrouded the surroundings, and they walked into the red Zhudan
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