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"The Yao is red.This wench very to my appetite."Han You traverses to say with a smile."Two eldest brothers also got letter?Is really a bad person from have bad person to whet.Unexpectedly God's pouring is to our such a good opportunity.The saving us is many efforts."
"Is young Ling , still on the hoof at that guy previous.This matter son doesn't finish calculating.You also want to stare at to be tightly some and hope those person who bends with the winds to handle affairs son, very difficult."Connect spirited to pensively remind a way.
"Stop worrying eldest brother, pock-marks Chen is what I mention that position to him, this son small matter he doesn't good, also rather keep a dog.The autumn of the leaf has already been taken a police station.As long as he has a little bit to lose control, meeting go into set.When the time comes is knead the circle to him or crush flat is all said by our brothers to calculate."
"H'm.That good.Come, young Ling , I respect you one cup, wishing you the big enemy must report."Connect spirited to raise ground in the hand red wine, say with a smile.
"Eldest brother, should be together pleased just right.Su Hang is should the nobody like him?My pouring was some courages that admire him.Originally still worry to want to begin a meeting in the Yan city to can't make open t much, he pours well, bit the hook----"Han You traversed to once connect to connect spirited nearby that plump beauty to deliver a ground of red wine.Quaff in one gulp.
"Who say Su Hang and then didn't welcome his person?"Guo Cheng shines on cold say with a smile.
"Is what you say Chen Jia?"Han You traverses Ji Qiao to say."Master's son dies, Chen Jia equals without support.Those persons who originally see in master's sub- face, the not exactly good-bye looked after Chen Jia.But virtuous and talented dint shortage take many, but sign is a dullard.Other Chen Jia's collateral branches beside cast covetous eyes on again and make and divide inheritance------Chen Jia is afraid to be declining."
"Is still having a ."
"The shell gram is loose."Guo Cheng shines on facial expression to unhappily say.
"Become to shine on, can not blather."Connect spirited to clap the shoulder that Guo Cheng shines on, remind a way.
"You say old two?He is a Chi fan Chen Jia that woman ground attractive woman.Is that small bodyguard worth his associating?"Han You traverses to shake head."I pour is worry another two people will create unexpected complications."
"House woman of Sung?"Connect spirited to lie on the sofa, lookinging at Han You the Ling is a bit satisfied with insolent face.Say with smile.
"It is them.These two women set against with us all day long.With have what great enmity.I oddness, we four individual in have who give° their sister to ascend?Otherwise and how can always bite us don't put?"Han You traverses dark to wear a face to say.
"Should can't."Connect spirited to say with a smile."We make people catch them are already that sounded out.If they want to keep intact Chen Jia's face.Early should make moves to help each other.Let the police take Chen Mo Nong on the burial rites of master's son, this lets Chen Jia's face sweep floor.Since make the sister behind in Sung house go out a help again, perhaps also not necessarily make Chen Mo Nong appreciate favors given?"
"Those two neurotic women, who clear?The matter son that they do always by surprise.Drive you so on saying, I still really had some in the minds to have no bottom.I made a telephone call again to urge in the past."Han You traverses to let go of wine cup and takes out a cellular phone from the bosom.
"Release our captain quickly, otherwise I to you was Don't mention it."See a leaf a moment by beside young police for autumn and then give° the captain anti- uniform, hurriedly station start a help.
"If I release him, this not is disobeyed your captain ground original meaning?He intentionally of provocation I, is not want to make me beat him up?"The autumn of the leaf is cold to say with a smile.
"Do you know what offense a Jing is?"The man gets the allusion of captain before coming in, although shouts oneslef hoarse the ground yell,have never run to go out to shout a person, didn't even pull out the pistol on the waist.
"Know."Lightning flash sort Ye Qiu says, feet, flew a young police to go out to the Chuai, the body ruthlessly bumped at wall up.
Young police's body curves into a big dried shrimp because of ache, face severity distort, the time want to make people help, hear a leaf say for autumn:"Will you beat a person?For me go up to give° him Chuai Be getting more dizzy."
"The autumn of the leaf, you like this and at the right moment won their traps."Chen Mo Nong comes forward an arrestment way.
"But meet someone to want to allow me to beat him the claim of this kind of abnormal condition, I always can not control feelings ground to want to satisfy him."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.

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