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When purchasing a new house the Realtor will insist that home inspections are performed prior to sale. This is for the sake of the owner and the buyer as it is used to point out what is wrong if anything with the house prior to purchase. Should there be major issues such as mold or termites then a certified inspector should be called in to assess the extent of any damage.

During a walk through the inspector will lk at many things including interior Keanu Neal Hdie , exterior, electrical outlets and wiring along with appliances. Other items will include permanent objects like cabinets Takkarist McKinley Hdie , drs and plumbing. Each item is examined and are noted in the final report that is given to the potential buyer.

Items such as furnaces, air conditioning units along with water heaters and swamp clers will need to be checked for damage. Sprinkler systems are also lked and turned on to make sure they operate correctly. Chimneys Alex Mack Hdie , stove exhaust vent and duct work are also examined for ventilation and debris that may cause future hazards.

Electrical outlets, wiring and main breaker boxes have to be lked at and must pass some simple tests. This will let the new owners know that the house is sound and there is no need to worry about electrical shorts or fires. If a portion of electrical components is deemed faulty then it will need to be replaced prior to sale.

As for the interior for the house Vic Beasley Jr Hdie , the walls, ceiling and flrs are the most commonly checked items. The walls are checked for any damage whether it is man-made or cracks from the house settling. The attic and underside of the rf are also lked at so if there is any damage to leaking or insufficient insulation the report will contain this information.

Outer items include the foundation and which is examined to ensure it is solid and not cracking or sinking at all. Unstable ground can lead to major structural damage such as cracks and overall stability issues. Another section to be lked at is the gutter system as this will cause damage over time to a house if it is not properly set up. The gutters need to be able to effectively remove water from the area in order to prevent pling that will lead to rotting of the rf requiring replacement.

In order to finish Matt Ryan Hdie , an inspector will lk at the garage if there is one and make sure the outlets are working properly. They will also check for proper ventilation along with checking the dr to make sure it opens and closes properly. Garage dr openers and sensor are examined and deemed working or non-working as well.

Before purchasing home inspections a gd rule of thumb is to do plenty of research and make sure the inspector is credible. Since inspectors do not require certification to perform their duties it is very important to find one with experience. There are a few websites on the internet that have already screened a number of inspectors per certain areas, so those are the best place to start lking.
Here are my 10 tips to losing body fat and keeping it off.

1- Mindset – you must start by changing the way you think about fd and the habits that you have formed regarding eating. You must realise that you cannot eat junk fd and lose body fat. You must make the commitment in your mind before you start to eat like a thin person.

2- Eat like a thin person- you must become a grazer Devonta Freeman Hdie , which means to eat 5 or 6 smaller meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism revved up.

3- Only eat when you are hungry- sounds obvious but most people eat without thinking, like the popcorn with a movie or some fast fd on the run. So think before you put some fd in your mouth Calvin Ridley Hdie , ask yourself am I really hungry.

4- Are you hungry or are you thirsty- your body sends you a signal to your brain telling you that you are hungry or thirsty. The problem is that the signals are almost identical. So the answer is if you feel hungry then drink a glass of water if you’re still hungry 20 minutes later then you are truly hungry so eat.

5- Thin people eat natural fd- only eat fds from natural sources. Eat wholegrains, lean meats and fish Julio Jones Hdie , vegetables, fruits Qadree Ollison Hdie , nuts and seeds and pulses. These fds provide your body with all the nutrients it needs and help keep you feeling fuller for longer. While keeping your bld sugar stable.

6- Don’t eat the sweet stuff- sweets, ckies and anything with added sugar will cause your body to release insulin to bring your body’s bld sugar level back to normal. The side effect of this is it tells your body to store the excess sugar as fat and makes you feel hungry again.

7- Beware of hidden sugars- any fds that contain processed white flour like pasta and white bread will act the same way in your body as if you had eaten sweets or ckies. Many healthy branded products still contain white flour like brown bread which is just white flour dyed brown. So check the label and make sure it says wholegrain flour.

8- Move it to lose it- you must start a regular exercise plan if you want to lose weight. Start slow and build up over time and find something that you enjoy doing. It will make it easier for you to continue into the future.

9- Build muscle to burn fat- it is a fact that the more muscle you have on your body the calories your body will burn while resting. So take up resistance training 3 times a week to add lean muscle to your body and have a bonus of a increased metabolism.

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