innati Bengals kept hold of safety George Iloka and cornerback Adam Jones, which is

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Each month, yoga coach Gwen Lawrence shows us the best poses for athletes. As always, consult a doctor before you begin any new exercise program.Although cycling is a great workout, the awkward posture thats held for long rides can wreak havoc on your spine, organ health and breathing. Here are five poses that can help you stay healthy, symmetrical and strong -- and keep you riding for years to come.Cat-cow movePerhaps the king of warm-up poses for a cycling workout, this move will open the spine, the ribs, the lungs and the neck and truly warm you up from the inside out. The posture you hold on the bike might overstretch your back and weaken your abdominals; this move will even you out.* Sit in a comfortable position on the flr or in a chair.* Brace your hands on your knees or shins so you can use your arms for leverage and push deeper into the stretches.* As you inhale, lift your spine and lengthen into a gentle backbend.* As you exhale, move backward and drop your chin toward your chest.* Exaggerate each move for depth of stretch and maximum breath output and input.* Do this each day before (and even after) a ride for 2-4 minutes.Wrist openersCyclists often think about form -- but that usually involves alignment of the back and chest, and the wrists can go unnoticed and ignored. Stretching your wrists can avoid carpal tunnel pain during your rides.Keys to the pose* Start on your hands and knees in a table pose.* Stretch one wrist at a time, pointing your fingers back toward your body, so you can tune in and focus more precisely.* Eventually try to get your wrist directly under your shoulder, creating a 90-degree angle.* Hold each stretch for one minute, and do it two times on each side.* Do not sink in to your shoulders; keep your back long and your neck stretched out of the shoulders.Happy cow armsAlthough this pose is very challenging, you will see quick improvements when you do it consistently. I love this pose because you will get several angles of stretch in the shoulder, and it will also tone your back and neck muscles.Keys to the pose* In a sitting position with knees tucked under, extend one arm up toward the ceiling with your palm facing forward. Bend it and bring it down to your spine. Bend your other arm up, palm facing behind you, until your fingers meet.* If you cant connect your hands, use a yoga strap rope or old necktie, and clasp it between your hands.* Sit up very tall, keep your back straight and your chin parallel to the flr while holding.* The elbow of the arm that is up should be pointing straight up to the sky in time, with the upper arm snuggled beside your head.* Breathe and hold the pose for two to three minutes. Come out of it nice and slowly. Switch sides.Supported half happy babyThere is contraction in the deep hip flexors when you ride, which can cause issues in your low back and hamstrings. Holding this pose for minutes on each side helps release pressure on the low back, allowing for better rotation and overall range of motion in the spine.* Lying on your back with your knees bent and feet flat, push hips up and place one yoga block under the back of your hips. Relax all your weight on the block.* Slide your left leg straight out and bring your right leg into a half happy baby pose.* If you are t tight to hold the outer edge of the right ft, use a yoga strap.* Be sure to keep the right ft squared off perfectly to the ceiling and knee tight in toward your armpit to keep the knee joint safe.* Your knee should be as close to a 90-degree angle as possible.* Hold this pose for 1-3 minutes on each side.Warrior I push-offsWithout a doubt, the health, strength and flexibility of your ankles and feet will dictate how long you can ride. This pose will do all that for you. It can also help you tune in to each side of your body and become better aware of any imbalances before they become injuries.Keys to the pose* Start in a lunge position.* Place your arms on your front thigh, or for more of a challenge, reach them upward.* With your weight all the way back in the heel of your back leg, push off the back ft and move forward, moving your knee further over your front leg, as close to a 90-degree angle as possible.* Keep your back leg straight and strong.* Slide back and forth (not up and down) for 1-3 minutes on each side to build serious leg strength and power, while stretching the feet, toes calves and Achilles tendons. Miles Sanders Womens Jersey . -- Josh Sterk scored once and set up two more as the Oshawa Generals edged the visiting Belleville Bulls 3-2 on Friday in Ontario Hockey League action. Chuck Bednarik Youth Jersey . Louis. To which I would say two things: 1. Where there is smoke, there is or perhaps has been a little fire. Or, in other words, the two teams would appear to have at least spoken. And spoken is defined as one calling the other to inquire, no more, no less. http://www.theeaglesshoponline.com/Youth-Brian-Dawkins-Eagles-Jersey/ . The phone hearing is scheduled for 40pm et/10pm pt. Winchester, who was not penalized for the hit, appeared to make contact with Kellys head early in the first period of Thursdays game in Boston. Herman Edwards Jersey . The Clippers were angry about blowing a big lead; the Kings didnt like being in that kind of hole and nearly digging themselves out only to lose. Wilbert Montgomery Jersey . The incident occurred at 19:56 of the second period of the Kings 4-2 road win over Edmonton on Sunday. Nolan punched Oilers forward Jesse Joensuu in the jaw in front of the Kings goal during a scrum.Day one of free agency was as chaotic as ever, with a vast number of the best-available players being snapped-up as sn as the signing window opened. Regardless of what happens during the season, the effects of this free agency window will be felt in the coming months and years, with some enormous contracts being dished out, instantly raising the market value of a number of NFL players.A number of teams have already made a big statement of intent. Risks have been taken, and massive sums of money have been spent. Meanwhile, others still lk like they have a huge amount of work to do on the personnel front. Although as history shows, it is not always the teams who spend big at this stage that go on to achieve success. Granted there are really no winners or losers at this stage - that will be determined when the teams return to the field in September. But, we take a lk at who might just have given themselves a proper shot at success when the season returns.WINNERSOakland Raiders Sean Smith is the latest big-name arrival in Oakland Key arrivals: Bruce Irvin (linebacker), Kelechi Osemele (offensive tackle/guard), Sean Smith (cornerback)Verdict: The Raiders long held a reputation for dreadful drafting, and struggled on the field. But, they appear to have got the draft side of things right having developed 2014 pick Khalil Mack into one of the best defenders in ftball, and have Derek Carr, one of the best young quarterbacks in the league.And it lks like they might just have got free agency right t. Bruce Irvin never quite developed into the dominant force in Seattle that the Seahawks anticipated, but alongside Mack, he will provide one of the most fearsome-lking pass rushes in ftball.Kelechi Osemele was widely regarded as the premier offensive lineman available, and the Raiders paid big to get their man, handing the former Ravens star a massive five-year, $60m contract. It is the largest deal for a guard by some distance. But, it should be an excellent signing. With excellent physicality and blocking ability, Osemeles acquisition will allow Carr to continue to flourish, while running back Latavius Murray could also be in for a solid season.The club have also agreed a four-year, $40m deal with cornerback Sean Smith, who has been one of the NFLs most consistent at the position for a number of years, and upgrades a needy secondary, following the retirement of Charles Wdson. Review the opening night of free agency as Brock Osweiler and Olivier Vernon made high-profile moves. Jacksonville JaguarsKey arrivals: Malik Jackson (defensive end), Tashaun Gipson (safety), Chris Ivory (running back), Brad Nortman (punter), Marcedes Lewis (tight end, re-signed)Verdict: With a starting cap rm of $79m, the Jaguars had the largest pl of money available to them in the NFL. So it should come as no surprise that they have spent big. Like Oakland, the Jaguars have a young squad, and one that only lks like getting better. The one disappointment for them was that they were not available to sign defensive end Olivier Vernon, despite a big push. Malik Jackson joins Jacksonville with a Super Bowl win to his name They added to the offence built around young quarterback Blake Bortles by bringing in Jets running back Chris Ivory on the back of a career-year, and as a physical, bruising back he will complement TJ Yeldon.But it was on the other side of the ball they they needed to make their mark, and they have done. In Super Bowl touchdown-scoring defensive end Malik Jackson, the Jags have a player in his prime, and he will be the finishing touch to an already imposing lking offensive line. Jacksonvilles best deal, perhaps, is the signing of safety Tashaun Gipson on a five-year, $35.5m contract. Despite coming off of a pr 2015 in Cleveland, Gipson is one of the top playmaking safeties around and could prove a steal.WINNERS... FOR NOWNew York GiantsKey arrivals: Jason-Pierre Paul (defensive end, re-signed), Olivier Vernon (defensive end), Janoris Jenkins (cornerback), Damon Harrison (defensive tackle)Verdict: The Giants went on what can only be described as a spending spree, and are perhaps the most difficult team to assess. They dished-out around $200m worth of contracts on Wednesday, aimed at addressing the glaring needs on their defence. Olivier Vernon is now the highest-paid defensive player in the NFL There is no question they have done that, but the pressure will be on right away to prove the players were worth the money. Former Miami defensive end Olivier Vernon has been signed to a mammoth five-year, $85m contract and will now be the highest-paid defensive player in the entire NFL.Plus, Janoris Jenkins has been signed to a huge five-year, $62m deal making him the second-highest paid cornerback in the game. Inconsistency has been an issue for Jenkins, so there will be much interest on how this one plays out.The pressure will be on new head coach Ben McAd immediately. While the value will be questioned, come September, the Giants will have put themselves in a position to make a charge in the unpredictable NFC East.Houston TexansKey arrivals: Brock Osweiler (quarterback), Lamar Miller (running back), Jeff Allen (guard) Highlights of new Houston quarterback Brock Osweiler’s Week 11 performance for Denver Broncos against Chicago Bears. Verdict: The Texans have taken a chance on Brock Osweiler, there is no doubt about that. The former Denver quarterback has agreed a four-year, $72m contract - despite only making seven starts in the NFL. But, this is a player who has learned under Peyton Manning for four years and been on a Super Bowl-winning team, and certainly has a lot of upside.The Texans will hope Osweiler is the long-term solution they have craved since 2013. After using seven different quarterbacks in the last two seasons, head coach Bill OBrien will finally believe he has the player he needs.If Osweiler pans out as Houston hope, they could be on the road to success.They also signed running back Lamar Miller from Miami, on a four-year, $26m contract. With all-time rusher Arian Foster now gone after an injury-hit 2015, the Texans have secured the man they can take theiir running game forward - and Miller can also catch a pass.dddddddddddd Losing guard Brandon Brks was a blow, but softened by the arrival of Jeff Allen from Kansas City.Philadelphia EaglesKey arrivals: Nigel Bradham (linebacker), Brandon Brks (guard), Ron Brks (cornerback), Chase Daniel (quarterback), Leodis McKelvin (cornerback, return man), Rodney McLeod (safety), Sam Bradford (quarterback re-signed)Key departures: Nolan Carroll (cornerback), Walter Thurmond (safety), Kiko Alonso (linebacker - traded), Byron Maxwell (cornerback - traded), DeMarco Murray (running back - traded) DeMarco Murray has joked that his year in Philadelphia felt like a Verdict: Philadelphia sneak into the winners section perhaps more down to the departures from the club than who they have brought in. New general manager Howie Roseman has shipped-out former coach Chip Kellys expensive flops, and has began to rebuild accordingly.Philly have sent linebacker Kiko Alonso and cornerback Byron Maxwell to Miami. Alonso has missed 21 games over the past two seasons with injury, while Maxwell, amid shoulder problems, never showed why Kelly gave him a six-year, $63m contract. This move gets two ineffective and expensive players off of the team, and has also seen the Eagles swap draft picks with Miami, meaning they will now pick eighth in 2016.Roseman has also offloaded the disappointing DeMarco Murray to Tennessee, after a year with an average of a mere 3.6 yards per carry.Quarterback Sam Bradford has been retained, and at $18m a year, lks not t bad a price compared to Brock Osweiler and Kirk Cousins. Chase Daniel will provide competition there, while safety Rodney McLeod is a gd value signing from the Rams.TO BE DETERMINED.....Miami DolphinsKey arrivals: Mario Williams (defensive end), Kiko Alonso (linebacker - traded), Byron Maxwell (cornerback - traded), Isa Abdul-Quddus (safety) Byron Maxwell arrives in Miami with a number of question marks surrounding him Key departures: Rishard Matthews (wide receiver), Lamar Miller (running back), Olivier Vernon (defensive end), Brent Grimes (cornerback), Greg Jennings (wide receiver)Verdict: All of the reasons why that trade works out better for Philadelphia are above. They have taken over two big contracts on players who have badly struggled in the past year, and Miami now move out of the top ten picks of the draft.The Dolphins spent big last summer on Ndamukong Suh, and the former Detroit defensive tackle did not perform as a player on a six-year, $114m contract should. But, Miami have dished out the big money again.One player they didnt go all out for was their own defensive end Olivier Vernon, widely regarded as the best free agent available. The New York Giants stumped up, and made him the highest-paid defensive player in ftball. In his place, 31-year old Mario Williams has arrived from Buffalo on a two-year, $17m deal. Like Alonso and Maxwell, Williams is coming off of one his least productive seasons, and the jury will be out on the 2006 No 1 draft pick.Houston also nabbed Miamis starting running back Lamar Miller, paying him just under $7m a year. It is a little surprising that the club couldnt offer similar, and instead, the Dolphins now have another need at another position. Free Agency LIVE! Keep a track of the very latest moves MUCH TO DODenver BroncosKey arrivals: Von Miller (linebacker, re-signed), Derek Wolfe (defensive end - re-signed)Key departures: Brock Osweiler (quarterback), Malik Jackson (defensive end), Danny Trevathan (linebacker), Evan Mathis (guard), Peyton Manning (quarterback - retired) Peyton Mannings retirement was expected to see Brock Osweiler take over as Denver quarterback Verdict: The curse of the Super Bowl win has certainly struck for Denver. Just a month on from their finest hour in Santa Clara, they now find themselves without a quarterback and with a couple of big holes on defence.Peyton Mannings retirement was no secret. So, all signs pointed towards Brock Osweiler, the 25-year old grmed to replace Manning since 2012, being the man to replace him - especially after performing well after filling in for the former Colt for half of the regular season. But general manager John Elway reportedly wouldnt go above $16m a year, and the Texans swped in with an offer of $18m a year to steal Osweiler away.In a league devoid of top-quality quarterbacks, options for the Broncos will be slim. Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III are probably the best options available, considering there appears to be no interest in Ryan Fitzpatrick.Elsewhere, Malik Jackson headed to Jacksonville, while linebacker Danny Trevathan left to join old head coach John Fox in Chicago. But, perhaps the next big stumbling block for the Broncos will be Von Miller. Beyond the franchise tag, the effect of Olivier Vernons gigantic deal on the NFL will no doubt affect Millers value - the Super Bowl MVP may think he deserves to be the highest-paid defensive player, and that is something Elway will have to address. Could the Broncos call upon Robert Griffin III? Cleveland BrownsKey arrivals: NoneKey departures: Travis Benjamin (wide receiver), Tashaun Gipson (safety), Alex Mack (center), Mitchell Schwartz (offensive tackle)Verdict: The Browns have lost a number of big-name players - and Johnny Manziel still is not one of them. With Hue Jackson in charge, and a new front office, a fresh start for the ever-struggling club is understandable, but letting go of the talent they have allowed to leave without much of a fight is questionable.Center Alex Mack voided his contract, and lked like he had his heart set on leaving. Atlanta swped, and signed arguably the top player in the position in the NFL. However, Mitchell Schwartz - again, one of the best tackles in the NFL - was negotiating with Cleveland, when the club suddenly pulled their offer. That is despite Schwartz not missing a single game since being drafted in 2012. Mack tk things into his own hands, but letting Schwartz go has left many questions. Travis Benjamin will be catching passes for the Chargers next season Tashaun Gipson, as discussed earlier, is one of the top playmaking safeties in the league, while wide receiver Travis Benjamin was allowed to join San Diego without much of a whimper. That is despite Benjamin having his best year in 2015, catching 68 passes for 966 yards and five touchdowns.It is a strange start to the new ftball year for Cleveland, and leaves them with even more pressing needs than they already had.HONOURABLE MENTIONSThe Cincinnati Bengals kept hold of safety George Iloka and cornerback Adam Jones, which is very gd business indeed. But, they also lost their No 2 and No 3 wide receivers in Marvin Jones to Detroit and Mohamed Sanu, who has gone to Atlanta. They have simply paid the price for having two of the best available in a free agency class very thin on wide receivers.Chip Kellys arrival at the San Francisco 49ers had many expecting a big free agency splash, similar to Philadelphias chaotic 2015 showing. But, in the end, a team already with a number of glaring needs lost long-time starting guard Bne, adding only a backup quarterback in Thad Lewis, although they did manage to re-sign tackle Ian Williams. Also See: Free Agency LIVE! Broncos say gdbye to Osweiler Free Agency Recap Vernon signs big-money contract ' ' '

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