clan war issues??

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I need explanations about some items of Clan Wars:
1.- The ones that don´t vote for a war in their Clan cannot see the ones who voted. Who can see them? The Leader can see the votes (even if he didn´t vote) ? Sometimes there are many "happy voters" and the other clan members don´t have a clue who are they (they won´t tell...) 2.- Why is the vote for a war not public for all Clan members? [For those in the Clan that didn´t vote I mean]3.- The matching between Clans is done by GL software? Why can´t Clans chse to propose a war to a Clan theyu chse? and related to this 4.- Why we cannot have intel of the other Clan status and firepower and Nucleus health before and chsing to go to war? It´s all out of our control ! By now you can guess my opinion of this Clan War update... But I need your opinions and overall knowledge about voting, Leaders, seeing who votes, etc

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

Whiteboard video studio

Thank you

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