Sniper Server Map Fix

in Clan- und Funwars 11.05.2018 10:13
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I just finished fixing all of the maps on the sniper server. As of right now all maps should load (no more problem maps), and all maps will come down from redirect fast. There should no longer be any files that will come down slow.If there are still files that seem to not come from the redirect, please let me know ASAP. so I can figure out what is wrong.Basically, I connected a fresh copy of the game to a cloned copy of the server (locked so nobody would connect and slow me down), and one by one I brought up each map. Then I tk notes of all the problems I found. After I was done with that I lked at each one and problem solved them.3 maps ended up still being a problem. They were a problem all along so nothing right now is really lost. I just removed them from the map list while I lk into them further.I would like to eventually do this for the other servers we have, but this tk an enormous amount of time so they will have to be on the back burner for the time being as I have other things to do. Seriously, it tk several days to do this. But I think it is worth it as nobody will abandon the server due to slow downloads anymore.

Please help.

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